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  1. What I really would like to have with this mod is the german MK.108 and MG131. Unguided rockets and Rustahl X-4 guided missiles would be really cool as well. Maybe even torpedoes or russian PTABs, however those would take time as water physics or creating multiple objects from one part are quite wonky. Jeb would be proud if you could work those things out.
  2. Umm... the MOAB behaves rather strange after jettisoning it. It starts gaining speed while going upwards. Does it generate lift or is it that lightweight that it falls up?
  3. Just a wild idea: How about a missile pod (like Hydra) that fires guided missiles? Tried making the hydra fire guided missiles by editing the cfg but no luck.
  4. This mod is pretty much essential in KSP. Not even for combat, the AI can be used in many different ways.