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  1. Proot mentioned he's working on a performance fix. It's the mixture of the whole mod that kills the framerate. Be patient. For the realistic texture lovers - spot the differences: Stock: WIP:
  2. 1.1 is, supposedly, going to be more physics friendly, i.e: hypertreaded. KSP core and calculations all run on core 0, the main reason why it lags with x-amount number of parts and or add-ons. So 1.1 should be a boost, but - from om what i've heared from other developers migrating from U4 to U5 - it might not be as much as we're all hoping and praying for. Nevertheless, it will be (a bit) better, at least memory wise.
  3. That's basic bottleneck troubleshooting right there. up the GPU-effects to maximum. No slowdown? CPU is holding you back (in this case KSP being not multi-threaded). FPS going down? GPU is holding you back. Should technically still be enough, as that KSP is still pretty much 1 core/thread bound. I can switch off 7 threads and let KSP run on thread one and the game wont run any slower, but not faster either..
  4. If - and when - i get it completely done, it's just replacing the original file in the texturereplacer/defaults folder
  5. A potato will run ksp. Low fps is physics limitations. The game lags on CPU cycles, and something is causing the cpu cycles to stack up. Clear out (parts of) ksprc and its good again. Its not gpu issues.
  6. Because i - personally - like detailed textures for kerbin to make it look more... Earth-ish. @Proot, interested? It's even half the size of your original kerbinspacemap Stock ksprc:
  7. It's something that causes it. Either be it clouds, scatterer or EVE in general. Removing clouds for one might not help as much as for someone else. YMMV. Is the drop worth it? Im saying definitelyy! @Proot: Just to check in with you really quick proot: the files KerbinScaledSpace300 and 410, are these the dds textures that get loaded from space (high orbit) view ?
  8. @Speadge no worries - im at work anyways ;-) @Proot Perhaps to use as a retexture for Kerbin (from space and maybe down low ?
  9. @Proot Awesome! I'm looking forward to this (test) release - might speed up things a bit for the stream
  10. And might it not be easier to change the update interval if you want to keep reflections, instead of interval 4 of 6 ?
  11. If you have a boulderco folder, delete it Remove the clouds from proot's pack (atmospheres folder) and you'll be good. The clouds seem to slow it down on my end.
  12. I've noticed as well. Looks more like the particle clouds that Proot has, which are causing a slowdown. Remove clouds.cfg bumps the speed back up - but makes the game lake a certain 'feel'. I'm editing his file right now to get a nice combo. If you have a boulderco folder, delete it 32bit my friend - wont run KSPRC, atleast without ATM.
  13. If you can mix your SVE (cloud) performance with Proot's texture - you da man! I'm loving the new lensflare. Gorgeous. and the total scatterer package
  14. @Proot For working citylights - replace all citylights.cfg with the next code: EVE_CITY_LIGHTS { OBJECT { body = Kerbin cityLightsMaterial { _CityOverlayTex { value = KSPRC/CityLights/Textures/kerbinBN } _CityOverlayDetailScale { value = 45 } _CityDarkOverlayDetailTex { value = KSPRC/CityLights/Textures/nd5 } _CityLightOverlayDetailTex { value = KSPRC/CityLights/Textures/nd5 } } } OBJECT { body = Moho cityLightsMaterial { _CityOverlayTex { value = KSPRC/CityLights/Textures/kerbinBN } _CityOverlayDetailScale { value = 45 } _CityDarkOverlayDetailTex { value = KSPRC/CityLights/Textures/fu11 } _CityLightOverlayDetailTex { value = KSPRC/CityLights/Textures/fu11 } } } } Make sure to copy the fu11 texture from the atmospheres folder to citylights.
  15. if you get the 'warning you are using a 64bit build'-message, then yes.
  16. It seems like it. 264 lines or potatoroids in the persitent.cfg file @Proot I also notice that, when opening EVE-manager, that Citylights isn't loaded at all - or properly. It's not using OBJECT and the mojito texture isn't in the textures map.
  17. asteroid spamming doesn't lower the FPS, removed all of them, still got Physics-core bound (yellow-indicator in top left). A comparison between the 'old' EVE with SVE textures gives me about 35-40 fps on kerbin, where as with KSPRC with the new EVE and everything else, nets me 25-27 FPS (clean 64bit install), so there's definitely ground to win somewhere.
  18. As a thank you / late christmas gift, im doing a KSP raffle on my stream right now - running proots 1.0.5 - Join in if you'd like
  19. A video is worth a thousand words: www.twitch.tv/jays_nl i will highlight the stream later on for proot