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  1. Preemptively thanking Galileo and the other contributors here for all their time and energy! Y'all are remarkable. Thank you, thank all of you, for doing what you do.
  2. Yes. I believe there are several! Perhaps someone else knows how many.
  3. [LOG 22:52:13.515] YT_TechTreesScenario.CleanUpRDScenario [LOG 22:52:13.515] YT_TechTreesScenario.CleanUpRDScenario: no data found for tech exoticRadiators in the ResearchAndDevelopment Scenario [LOG 22:52:13.516] YT_TechTreesScenario.CleanUpRDScenario [LOG 22:52:13.516] YT_TechTreesScenario.CleanUpRDScenario: no data found for tech experimentalElectricalSystems in the ResearchAndDevelopment Scenario [LOG 22:52:13.517] YT_TechTreesScenario.CleanUpRDScenario [LOG 22:52:13.517] YT_TechTreesScenario.CleanUpRDScenario: no data found for tech RadialEngines in the ResearchAndDevelopment Scenario LOG 22:52:07.524] YT_TechTreesScenario.ResetTechRequired: looking at: USI.Nuke.375 [LOG 22:52:07.525] YT_TechRequiredDatabase.GetOrigonalTechID [LOG 22:52:07.525] YT_TechTreesScenario.ResetTechRequired: looking at: USI.Nuke.625 [LOG 22:52:07.526] YT_TechRequiredDatabase.GetOrigonalTechID [LOG 22:52:07.526] YT_TechTreesScenario.ResetTechRequired: looking at: US.1C10.Wedge.Quadcore [LOG 22:52:07.527] YT_TechRequiredDatabase.GetOrigonalTechID [LOG 22:52:07.527] YT_TechTreesScenario.ResetTechRequired: looking at: US.1C15.Wedge.Hexacore [LOG 22:52:07.528] YT_TechRequiredDatabase.GetOrigonalTechID [LOG 22:52:07.528] YT_TechTreesScenario.ResetTechRequired: looking at: US.1C20.Wedge.Octocore [LOG 22:52:07.529] YT_TechRequiredDatabase.GetOrigonalTechID [LOG 22:52:07.529] YT_TechTreesScenario.ResetTechRequired: looking at: US.f.Dec.SafetyDecoupler125 [LOG 22:53:15.454] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons [LOG 22:53:15.898] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons [LOG 22:53:16.032] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons [LOG 22:53:16.080] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons [LOG 22:53:16.124] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons [LOG 22:53:16.168] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons [LOG 22:53:16.212] YT_RDIconLoader.LoadIcons ^having the same issue described as above. Log spam is the culprit as far as I can tell. Though there are errors within the spam. Here is a sample of my logs. That last bit (.LoadIcons) is repeated quickly and forever.
  4. MulDoom

    [1.4] Routine Mission Manager [v032]

    I have this exact same problem. It is save game breaking. It was my first attempt at using RMM - the fault could lie with me.
  5. MulDoom

    [1.3.0] Malah's Quick mods [2017.05.31]

    Thank you! Love your work!!
  6. MulDoom

    [1.3.0] Malah's Quick mods [2017.05.31]

    @Malah Hello sir. After installing this mod I could no longer adjust the camera in either the VAB or SPH. Removing it did resolve. I'll investigate this evening and see if I can find an incompatibility with one of my other mods. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  7. Awesome! You deserve it. Thanks for making all of our lives a little prettier.
  8. MulDoom

    [1.2] DarkSideTechnology (Beta)

    This looks FANTASTIC. Cannot wait to give it a try. Exactly what I need for my next planned mission! Thanks Badsector!