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  1. sorry about no link for the video. had to torrent download the video but you can see clips here. https://www.bing.com/search?q=watch+space+odyssey+voyage+to+the+planets&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=watch+space+odyssey+voyage+to+the+planets&sc=0-41&sk=&cvid=B0C04D922E684F1CA445E1DD82E781CB
  2. So beautifully done as allways. I love using all your mods. Now that you have done all of this, I was wondering if you are planning on doing the hermes from the Martian. also would you be interested in doing a kerbal version of the dynetics lander one that can land different living modules and mabe detach them from the craft to join together to create a colony. just a thought. Also I personaly think a kerbal version of the ship from the series Space Odyssey Voages to the Planets from 2004 would be beyond awsome. You are one of the few that I know of that could take on such a project and have i
  3. I have a bunch of 3d files for crates and barrels that could also be used for engines or other parts. if you would like them let me know what format for the 3d files and where to send or post them for your use. I would be glad to share them to help your idea. this type of mod sounds awsome.
  4. Need more cargo parts in several designs, also need more habitat modules for both planetary and space in several different designs. maybe more food storage and prossesing modules compatable with S.N.A.C.K.S. also maybe refinery parts for both planetary and space. these are just some ideas. will try to come up with designs for these if I can.
  5. This may be an unusual question. were you the felbourn that made a rack or platform for base building in ksp. it was quite a while back that i saw it and i used it a lot. would like to see it again in ksp.


    1. Felbourn


      That was me. I don't think I have that around anymore.

    2. dvdwilliams88


      that too bad. do you think you can remake it or something simmilar.?


  6. ok those are the ones i have been looking for. for some reason they were named wrong and i thought they belonged to this mod. thank you for clearing that up. i love feline rovers mod and thought i did something wrong.
  7. The parts that i cant find were two small lockers or storage boxes. i think they were called feline storage boxes cor containers or something like that. they worked with kis and kas they were smaler than a kerbal, black and one was longer or taller than the other. they were able to surface attach and said storage or something similar to that on them. very nice looking and added small storage bays any place i needed them. great for rovers and carrying small parts for kerbals to access from the side of the ship. they were not the larger cargo boxes that kis and others have. wold love to have the
  8. I am using 1.8.1 and i just noticed that the two types of storage boxes are missing that i realy liked. am i doing something wrong or looking in the wrong spot, or were they removed for some reason? if they were, could you put them back? they are very usefull for adding small and large storage boxes that look nice on rovers and some landers. Thanks. love the style of the rover.
  9. Awsome, it looks like we will have gravity tethers. Yay.
  10. may have a soulution i will have to try it or you can. use the tether on the mars/duna transit engine and use the grapleing claw on the top of the hab. go in to dock the hab with the transit engine thether and pull it out using the graple claw as in the video mars direct in a nutshell extended. starting at about 10:57 on the video. this is how they are doing it so why cant the duna direct system work the same way. just a thought.
  11. just found this video of Scott Manley doing a video of the same type of cable idea and the problems he had. it is another older video but it might help with some problems or ideas. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ksp+kas&&view=detail&mid=0F071026E9251646B3B90F071026E9251646B3B9&&FORM=VDRVRV
  12. Sorry, I just checked and they not only removed the harpoon but they also removed the grapling hook/claw that you could shoot. you might try contacting the creator of KAS and see if he can help you intigrate the harpoon or grapling hook/claw into your system or if he can add those back in to KAS. they wold work perfect for the tether. here is an old video showing the grapple system for kas. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ksp+kas&&view=detail&mid=A5AE182D76D23D2558A0A5AE182D76D23D2558A0&&FORM=VDRVRV it starts at 10.15 in the video.
  13. what about using the kas harpoon as a tether system?
  14. have you decided to include a tether or not?
  15. Oh yes, cant wait to do some awsome Duna missions.
  16. my jaw just dropped through the floor. WOW it is beyond awsome.
  17. Oh yes that is so cool to have an interior. Are you going to have the small rover for the rtg on this one?
  18. yeah i dont know how to fix or rebuild the wheels or landing gear. but i am going to take a stab at readgusting the colision meshes on some parts and the attachment points. however the mod does run in 1.8
  19. i am working to repair the attachment problems right now for you. will post the fixed mod asap. o.k i was able to fix the attachment problems but cant figure out how to get the wheels rolling or not go through the ground. so I will do more testing and repair of the other parts as i find problems.
  20. i know that the lander tek mod is still a work in progress but just letting you know that the lights are not working on the lander parts. also the rovers wont move and the wheels just sink into the ground. the demv vehicle attachment on the top for fuel or battery does not work.
  21. i did find another mod that looks like it might be abandoned and it was not finnished but it looks similar to the H.O.M.E. mod, actualy it looks realy nice. is is called the Konquest mod. by alexustas. the one who made the aset mods. he may allow you to work on compleating that mod and i would be glad to help. here is the page with the info for that one. i realise that the mods im looking at are realy old but i beleve they can be updated to 1.8 or above. the design and graphics are realy nicely done. it wold be a waste to see all that work for nothing, when so many kerbals would enjoy
  22. I have spent the last 4 hours looking on line and in my old disks for a copy of it, but no luck. the only person who might have it may be the author himself. he is now working for squad.
  23. Just atarted looking at some of the parts and was wondering if you are planning on adding the old H.O.M.E. mod that was made by roverdude.
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