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  1. Wow, it is great to see you getting back to work on this again. looking forward to adding it to my collection. if you need any help again then just ask.
  2. O.K. I honestly did not know that about the sand bags. Im glad that you told me. I realy enjoy your mods and am looking forward to this addition. I am also working on building a new computer system. I will be custom panting the case in the next few days.
  3. looks realy nice, a lot better than the one i made using a ton of mods. if you need any help with it just let me know. also i think that the "sand bags" are actualy supplies of some sort for the crew eather for exterrnal or internal use. and i think that it should have rcs thrusters for the hull used for tethered rotation and for landing adgustments.
  4. just finished my hab to go with it and wold love to test it for you in a full mission. does it work with snacks and USI life support?
  5. A near perfect hab for this is the LK - S3E "Duna Class" Heavy Habitat found in the SXT continued mod found on the spacedock mod site. the part is located under the utility tab. all it needs is landing gear, engines and fuel parachutes and a heat shield. then just do the tether thing and off to duna you go.
  6. Looks awsome. wanted this for so long. tried making simmilar with other mods but not good. use to have a mod with folding heat shields like yours but cant find it now..
  7. I am running ksp 1.0.4 linux 64 bit edition with almost 100 mods and no real problems. I just switched from windows 7 ultimate to Zorn a linux os that looks like windows but runs ksp 64 bit edition with no problems. it is free and easy to set up for dual boot. try it.
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