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  1. I can't remember the name of this song, only the melody. It starts off with an instrumental version of it, and later on there are singers doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure it is/was a somewhat popular song. Included is a very bad rendering of it on Vocaroo. Please excuse both my terrible voice and the mic quality. I hope I can finally find someone who knows this song, and can help me name it.
  2. Here is my entry. Despite, or perhaps because, it's a deathtrap, it manages to go 109 m/s in level flight. I guess that's why they wear space suits. If I calculate correctly, my score is 5.54. EDIT: Here's an improved entry, with a slightly better score of 7.74.
  3. I'm not really sure this fits with the theme of the game...
  4. I have never needed 0.625 meter fairings, but ui have always wanted a heat shield in that size. All of my small atmospheric drop probes are forced to have a giant heat shield and fairing, adding unneeded mass and volume.
  5. Looking at Kommander, it doesn't really seem like what the game is built for. Career mode was originally meant to be played as the administrator of the space program. You are right, though, the system is very broken, and restricts the way you play. Career overhaul has been suggested several times recently, and the most recent up to date thread is found here.
  6. It's a game about rockets, and doesn't have very good aerodynamic modeling. Who needs plane parts and the runway? Seriously, though, this a good idea. I don't use hyperedit, so I always have found it hard to get my boats in the water.
  7. The thing is, I am playing with mods. I have Strategia, KCT, and Engineering Tech Tree as the most game-changing. I have not been able to find anything for better career overhaul, but it's still not up to snuff. That's why this thread is in Suggestions and Development. We are suggesting a way to improve the game.
  8. Yes, yes we do. We know that it's unlikely, but the current game is pretty broken.
  9. This is a great solution! Besides helping to reduce filler missions, it would give an actual reason to launch bases and stations. For balance, they could stop giving rep after a certain time. Also, I'm not sure about probes. They would do their science for rep pretty quickly, and probably wouldn't need this.
  10. Where did you hear this? I don't remember anything about it.
  11. You mean you want thermals and weather added? That would be pretty difficult. Although I like the idea, I don't think it will be stock.
  12. It isn't that difficult. It is already done with solar panels, and dev notes mentioned antennas in 1.2 will have the same effect.
  13. Why would you need to complete a whole program to get rep? Why not give portions of rep per mission? You would select the Mun landing program, and be given a program tree (which could either look like a mini tech tree, or not be visible, and use a similar UI to contracts now). When a mission is completed, you get rep, which gets you funds. You would also be offered the next set of missions. For example, when complete the Mun flyby mission, you could be offered both an orbital mission and a long duration multi-flyby mission. Each completed mission would give rep, and they would be much more rapid. Also, funds could be given in smaller amounts monthly, spreading it out to make it easier to do rapid-fire missions.
  14. This is almost exactly what I would want out of Career Mode! If there was anything I would add, it would be a different set of programs for crewed and and uncrewed missions, and being able select multiple programs at a time.
  15. A lot of recent suggestions on career mode is over in this thread, we discussed a lot about contracts and their weighting.