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  1. I seem to be having some issues in selecting KSC2's launch pad. Loading my rocket in there causes the game to load into a half-state, so to speak. I get a view of the underside of the rocket, or fire and smoke, and no controls work. The controls don't even engage that the rocket's on the pad, showing the SAS controls while nothing is active. No staging appears, either. Anyone else have this? I've removed and reinstalled a fresh download of the mod and still the same thing happens.
  2. So... I'm having slight problems in that I have zero thrust at takeoff. I'm using MechJeb, full throttle, all the effects and everything are playing, but if I drop it from LSEs the whole thing just crashes down and explodes, and actually falls through the pad. This is with the Sputnik launcher, hand-built. It seems I'm short on engines, maybe?
  3. So I'm having major issues. I can only attach the parts upside-down. They won't snap and attach without being upside down, and it's hopefully obvious why that's not optimal. Any help?
  4. Am I the only one who's been missing the 2.5m heatshield specifically for the MK 1-2 pod? If I remember correctly it was a flat black one that fit effectively flush with the pod, and could separate itself once fully entered?