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  1. *if this is not clear please tell me* So I always thought. Is it possible to land an asteroid that is a type C on Kerbin.. You can use the asteroid day mod if you want but no mods like HyperEdit. And the Jebidiahs Swag of Approval goes to.. -
  2. I built a small ion probe and then surrounded it with tons of structual panels and added my lifter. After a long burn it got me to 538K periapsis and 601K Apoapsis. The panels luckily were strong enough so I tried lower. Nope. RIP My Ion Probe. 2015 - 2015
  3. *if this is not clear please tell me* The challenge is to see how fast you can go in Kerbin orbit before you get into excape velocity and loose orbit with Kerbin. It must use Stock only parts and you can't use any of the cheats. Post your hi-score below and maybe you will get Jebidiahs Swag of Approval
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