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  1. Amazing ISRU module I have created my mobile base, only the ISRU is stocklike. I will upgrade my base with the new one
  2. I know it was made for Land. But it is good to create Space Stations too
  3. Brendo, não contei Mas foram anos (do sistema Kerbol). E claro, acelerei o tempo
  4. Excelente post. Fiz a minha versão passando por Eeloo
  5. Starwaster. What is the link for the caterpillar mod? Looks great with the [WIP] Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
  6. Amazing mod! Excellent work I created modules for a mobile base, already tested in Kerbin. Are you planning to make Xenon Gas container? Thank you very much for the mod, should be default for KSP.