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  1. @Angel-125 are there any craft files for the spacecraft in this mod?
  2. CommanderSpock

    STAR WARS Set 2

    Sweet! Obviously, work comes first when it comes to KSP, and I do not want to rush you in any way. Looking forward to the next release!
  3. CommanderSpock

    STAR WARS Set 2

    Anything happening with this project @StinkyAce?
  4. CommanderSpock

    Farscape Module [1.0.4]

    Okay, as a cofounder of this mod, I give control over it and everything associated with it to @linuxgurugamer, to do as he sees fit. Spock
  5. CommanderSpock

    Helwyr's Sci Fi Ship Packs WIP

    @Lt Vax @Admiral-Helwyr I know the chances are slim of a response to something this old, but I was wondering if there's any chance at all of this wonderful mod being revived from the dead.
  6. CommanderSpock

    Farscape Module [1.0.4]

    Alright guys. I'm going to see what I can do about updating everything, but I'll also work on the license. Unfortunately I was not the modeler or texturer for this, and Mike seems to be tough to reach.
  7. CommanderSpock

    WIP: Deltaglider XR-1

    And how did that go?
  8. CommanderSpock

    WIP: Deltaglider XR-1

    @Redneck how's it going?
  9. CommanderSpock

    [1.0.x] Boeing X37- W.I.P

    Any progress @Tristonwilson12?:
  10. CommanderSpock

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I just started working on star citizen ships again, this time the retaliator. With it, I've been doing interior first, and then I'll build the exterior around it. This is what I've got so far:
  11. CommanderSpock

    WIP: Deltaglider XR-1

    @Redneck Anything new to look forwards to?
  12. CommanderSpock

    [1.0.x] Boeing X37- W.I.P

    Well if something changes for any of your projects, just holler.
  13. CommanderSpock

    [1.0.x] Boeing X37- W.I.P

    Hey @Tristonwilson12, want a little help with those small issues?
  14. CommanderSpock

    WIP: Deltaglider XR-1

    You know, I could help you with the flight characteristics like I did last time.
  15. CommanderSpock

    WIP: Deltaglider XR-1

    Is the XR2 fully functional right now?