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  1. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've been on. For a little background, I'm a senior in high school. I've been in a program for three years now called Science Research, where students are given the opportunity to conduct original research, culminating in the writing of a research paper, as well as a variety of science fairs. For my project, I've been working on a design study for a single stage to orbit spaceplane (big surprise) that uses three modes of propulsion to get into orbit and back onto the ground. Here's an excerpt of my paper, to give a description of the craft itself: "The concept of this spaceplane is a hybrid three mode aircraft based on the design of the SR-71 aircraft. The aircraft is already optimized aerodynamically and structurally for high mach flights, and are proven designs. While it’s the basis for the design, the only visual commonality between the spy plane and spaceplane will be the bird’s-eye profile. From the side view of the SR-71, the design of the spaceplane will be different both above and below the chine of the fuselage. Below the chine, the fuselage will be squared, and covered with heat protective tiles. This has three purposes: one, to simplify the process of applying the tiles; two, to create a lifting body effect on the fuselage; and three, to increase the area inside of the fuselage for fuel. The wings will be lowered and thickened slightly, in order to meet the bottom of the fuselage, and provide more area for fuel. Additionally, the lift from the body will allow the wings to be shortened width-wise, creating a slimmer profile for more efficient high-mach flight. On the wings, housed in the nacelles of the Pratt & Whitney J28 engines used on the SR-71 will be pre-cooled turbojet engines, build to take the spacecraft from the ground to mach 6 and 20,000 meters. Halfway down the bottom of the spacecraft will be the intake for the scramjet, which will take the spacecraft from mach 6 to mach 17, and 70,000 meters. The scramjet will exhaust from the bottom rear of the spacecraft, with the engine also covered in protective tiles. Above the chine, the body of the spacecraft will be radically changed. The cockpit will be removed, along with the rest of the upper body of the Blackbird. In its place will be a large conformal tank, with a fuel and an oxidizer tank within. Between these two tanks will be a small cargo bay, with a 5,000 kg capacity. At the end of the conformal tank will be two Aerojet Rocketdyne AJ10 engines, proven as reliable vacuum engines over the past 60 years. (May be switched to one Merlin 1D vacuum engine)" I have the technology and math covered- what I need to do now is create a printable 3d model of it, both solid and cutaway. The images of the craft in KSP included are what amount to a rough sketch for me, as I have no skills in actual sketching on paper. https://imgur.com/a/4e7uexY (I don't remember how to embed albums, oh well). I'd really appreciate it if y'all could help me create models of this craft, as it would both aid my presentations at fairs, and provide a really nice final product for all the work I put into my research over the past three years. Thanks!
  2. @Angel-125 are there any craft files for the spacecraft in this mod?
  3. Sweet! Obviously, work comes first when it comes to KSP, and I do not want to rush you in any way. Looking forward to the next release!
  4. Anything happening with this project @StinkyAce?
  5. Okay, as a cofounder of this mod, I give control over it and everything associated with it to @linuxgurugamer, to do as he sees fit. Spock
  6. @Lt Vax @Admiral-Helwyr I know the chances are slim of a response to something this old, but I was wondering if there's any chance at all of this wonderful mod being revived from the dead.
  7. Alright guys. I'm going to see what I can do about updating everything, but I'll also work on the license. Unfortunately I was not the modeler or texturer for this, and Mike seems to be tough to reach.
  8. I just started working on star citizen ships again, this time the retaliator. With it, I've been doing interior first, and then I'll build the exterior around it. This is what I've got so far:
  9. @Redneck Anything new to look forwards to?
  10. Well if something changes for any of your projects, just holler.
  11. Hey @Tristonwilson12, want a little help with those small issues?
  12. You know, I could help you with the flight characteristics like I did last time.
  13. Is the XR2 fully functional right now?
  14. Alright. On the other topic, do you think you could maybe make an unrealistic version of the ship and add a crew module without changing the size? It's totally fine if you can't, I just want to cover all the bases.
  15. Well, I know it's too small. I just have a thing for small crewed spacecraft. If you can't though, it's fine. Why aren't you doing control surfaces though?
  16. Hey @hraban, will you add control surfaces to these? Also, is it possible to add hatches to them? I like adding crew capacity to them, and I kinda want to be able to remove them. Just a question.
  17. Well what I can do for you is give you properly balanced VTOL engines; if I make it front and rear engine parts, I can manually balance them, and then change the CFGs to reflect that.
  18. Oooh will it be a functional deltaglider, or something new?
  19. @hraban You are legitimately a hero. I really love my spaceplanes.
  20. He has said more than once that there will be no FAR configs from him.
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