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  1. I created this so if somebody wanted a Launch Vehicle or things they could check this and see if there is one.
  2. X-1! X-15! B-52! SHUTTLE PAYLOADS! ASTROVAN! *dies of awesomeness overload*
  3. Oh yeah! I remember seeing that somewhere, but I couldn't remember. I'm so sorry I missed it out! PS Should I do one for Satellites and Planes?
  4. The username is Beale, and yes his mods are great. In this list I am trying to only include stuff that goes into space (X-15) I also wanted for this to be a referencing point for all those who want a certain thing. There is a lot missing.
  5. The amount of amazing mods for KSP never ceases to astound me. Every know and again, when I consider myself knowledgeable, a mod pops up, be it new or old, that is just awesome. Off of the top of head, here is a list: (Rocket parts related only) Explorer - FASA, Bluedog Sputnik - SXT R-7 - HGR, Tantares LV V-2 - Taerobee Redstone - FASA, OMSK, Bluedog Mercury - Tantares+, FASA Gemini - Contares, FASA, Tantares Titan II - ? Atlas I - OMSK Atlas II - OMSK Centaur - OMSK Vostok - Soviet Pack and Tantares Voskhod - Soviet Pack Soyuz - Tantares, HGR, Q Orbital Proton - Tantares LV and Soviet pack
  6. Thanks frizzank! Really liked this pack.
  7. Cant wait to see Titan. Will it have the ability to be Titan III as well?
  8. Fregat? Or if you've ever used SXT's Saturn V and Apollo, prehaps an expansion to that with docking bits and a rover?
  9. Beale, everyone is saying that I'm an alt account or constantly requesting parts and I am honestly sorry if I have offended you in any way.
  10. Can you do U-2 or X-15 or SR71? All are from the correct time period and would look very nice.
  11. Beale, can you make an X-15? Would look awesome in Stockalike!
  12. MM very nice. I'm using Tantares and some other stuff to make ISS, this will look good on Soyuz Plz try additional Soyuz parts, OR plz rassvet/pirs/poisk thx
  13. Beale, this pack is awesome, but if you want my opinion, you should make IVAs and make capsules change colour when heatshield ablates.
  14. Thanks everyone! I was messing around with AIES yesterday and found the Satellite parts very nice, I might try something like that.
  15. Hey all, I am going to attempt a mod making Satellite bases and Expermint mod, and I have done nothing to make parts yet, any ideas?
  16. I have an idea to make a Satellite Parts mod with experiments. It's on Adon Dev now
  17. Thanks passinglurker might try that but I don't know what to base them off! - - - Updated - - - I might try Angara, and a small Satellite mod...
  18. I love Stockalike mods, in the style of Tundra Exploration and Tantares, and I was wondering what is not in that sort of mod that people would want. Because I really don't want to steal someone else's idea. What do you think I could do for a simple small mod? PS. I don't want to confirm that I am actually going to do a mod. It's a MAYBE. - - - Updated - - - So sorry everyone if this is in wrong thread section. I didnt know where to put it.
  19. I love this! should be stock but my only gripe is I would like a craft file nice work
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