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  1. I found that toggling the view to full screen and back fixed the image, also what browser are you using? Only chrome worked for me on Windows 7. Firefox showed some windows but none of them actually loaded. I suspect it was due to the age of the Windows 7 Computer. Chrome and Firefox worked on Mac 10.9
  2. Wow this mod is so amazing and useful! Thanks for your hard work Lokaltog One feature request, could you add orbital period into the dispaly? Telemachus appears to have an output Also your response time has been phenomenal!
  3. Is it possible to use this mod from another computer on the same network? I have an old laptop laying around that doesn't have enough power to run KSP but it could run this webpage. I know Telemachus can be accessed from another computer just wondering about your mod Looks awesome so I'm gonna try and make it work