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  1. Just want to confirm that it works absolutely fine with FAR now. Since it's the first time I have been able to test them with planes properly, I have to say the physics are wonderful. Absolutely game changing. My first landings were catastrophic, but they always felt like "oh, okay, I have the springs too stiff, I have to change it" or "oh, I have the brakes too strong on the front wheel, I have to tone it down", not the crazy weirdness that is stock wheels. Once properly adjusted, the wheels worked perfectly, exactly as expected of wheels. Definitely the best wheels I've ever seen i
  2. Thank you both very much for the assistance. I had downloaded it from the github repo DoctorDavinci indicated, but I had downloaded the latest commit (instead of the release). Furthermore, I had gotten ASET from the link on that release page (which has the wrong color tags and does not include ASET Avionics). I assume either the latest commits are not stable and I was foolish to download them or ASET Avionics is an undeclared dependency. In any case, it works now, and I am extremely grateful to you both. Do any of you know if my hypothesis about the window gap on IVA is reasonable? I have
  3. Is this supposed to be compatible with 1.2.2? The HUD doesn't seem to work at all for me. The missing "cockpit seal" (the gap between the glass and the fuselage on IVA) seems to me to be related to the near clip plane on the camera that renders the outside model from IVA, although I have no clue how to change that. If someone handles upgrading this to run on KSP 1.2.2 (or explain to me what I'm doing wrong) I'm willing to go through the boring job of trying to correct all color tags.
  4. I'd just like to add to what Akira_R said; a big thanks for your work on this mod in general and also in getting it compatible with FAR. I have experience with Unity development (and their godawful unusable wheel colliders), and I know exactly the scope of a project like this, and the difficulties involved, and it amazes me how fast you were able to get one working well (on a mod on which you weren't even planning to work that much in the first place). I also commend how well you have reacted to the feedback of players and how out of your way you have gone to accommodate them. Personally I lik
  5. Hangar from my 1.1.3 save: From bottom to top; The Happy Hopper: built for scenic sunset flights and so the other planes could feel superior. The Jolly Jumper: built to travel Kerbin in style, when speed (or safety) isn't necessary. The Straight Arrow: built for serious, simple, stable flying, and not for doing cobras over the VAB. The Calavera: built for doing cobras over the VAB. The Hazard: built through a series of accidents, the tail planes being accidentally installed on the front of the plane, and the wings being installed backwards. Later declared "an
  6. As the guy who provided the above logs and image to Shadowmage, I'd like to clarify the tests were made in a fresh KSP install, on Windows 64bit, with only the newest version of FAR's dev build, Kerbal Foundries, and their respective dependencies installed. FAR worked fine with any ship that didn't have a Kerbal Foundries part/part that used the KSPWheel modules, but ceased working completely when they had at least one of those parts. I would be glad to test more if it helps, and provide further logs or anything that is needed.
  7. It should be noted that there is no public release of FAR that is compatible with 1.2.2. That said, I can confirm the dev version of FAR (which otherwise works perfectly in KSP 1.2.2) simply doesn't work if any part that uses KSPWheel is on the craft (I tried ALG, repulsors and skids, on a fresh install with only KF, FAR and their dependencies installed). Log below (if I did this right): Other possible bugs worth noting are: Trouble with symmetry on ALG (note back wheels). Particle emission doesn't stop while game is paused (note also plane generating no li
  8. I managed to get them whiter by messing with their properties (I think it was their scattering properties or something like that?), but then at sunset they still looked white while the 2D ones looked grey... Anyway, never managed to quite work them out.
  9. I always had problems with the volumetric clouds as well, but mostly because of weird lighting (why are they always kinda grey?). But to be honest I usually have to turn them off because of FPS issues. Those new ones do look way better though and I might just have to sacrifice some of those frames...
  10. Hey man, don't burn yourself out. Relax for a bit. Play some KSP. Try to enjoy your own mod instead of worrying about it. I know it's hard...
  11. It's absolutely an EVE issue, not an SVE issue, and will happen on any EVE based mod. It was just very apparent in SVE because the atmosphere itself had a shadow material, making it so the glitch happened pretty much anywhere on Kerbin, and not just when clouds were around. Okay guys, yesterday's .cfg was just to test things out. It was only for Kerbin. Now that we know that it works, I did a more comprehensive fix, that should fix such glitches in every planet in the Kerbol system. Furthermore, instead of setting the shadow factor to 0, I removed the shadow material completely, which sho
  12. I did some testing and I think that is exactly it! Thanks for the catch! However, most of the glitch was actually caused by the uniform shadow of the three layers of atmosphere. If you put the shadow factor zero on them, it will simply be slightly brighter, and it's already enough to mostly remove the glitch. However, when a cloud casts shadow over you, it returns. To me, the atmosphere shadow can be removed with no great loss. The cloud shadow is a very subtle effect, much more subtle than the blatant glitches it causes (in my computer), so personally I will do without the cloud shadows.
  13. Hey, no problem. Glad to help. I'm testing more to see if I find any ill side effects but so far I haven't found anything...
  14. Absolutely, just credit me in some way I guess. If there are no ill side effects to my edits, feel free to simply add them to the normal download, too.
  15. Hey, just posted it above if you didn't see, sorry. Edit: Here's a before and after changes (sorry for the dark pics);
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