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  1. You're right; my haste in trying to get this problem figured out I ignored most of the long text posts when really that's where the answers were. If my guesstimations and general observations of the game so far are correct, 64bit support has been long in the works, so what would normally be just "used 64 and not 32 version of the game" just simply can't be the case. So, as I understand the problem, 32bit only allows me to use 4 of my 16 gb of RAM, and with the butt-load of mods, including Outer Solar System and the Ultra version of the Beautification mod, just push it right over that edge and the game shuts down before it gets past that limit. As I see it so far, solutions are both limited and not progressive; primarily, chill out on the mods, or at least prioritize what mods are necessary and what aren't, and try to keep content low so i don't run our of memory. If I'm not mistaken, this would probably be the reason why I've had multiple crashes periodically during the game when it used to work, and, just shooting from the hip here, the issues with the limited memory use that comes with the 32bit game led to the unique issue of the old thermal system that was referred to as "memory leak". I digress. In reading the bug report thread, it dawned on me that I perhaps am better off filing this issue under "32bit game cant handle what I want it to do, just chill on the mods", and while I will most likely file a report to get more closure on what exactly happened, it does not seem to be of immediate concern to me as of now as I've largely identified the root problem. Thank you for the useful links and the help, I'll be sure to read things I'm supposed to read first before I come back with an issue. EDIT: Found the Output_log.txt file and yep, right at the end it runs out of memory and dies; "failed to create vertex buffer of size 267936 [out of memory]"
  2. So, I have a very good understanding of why my computer tends to not last more than 15 seconds in the initial loading screen before crashing with no sound, no error code, and no way to understand what happened. Of course, I figured it had to do with the 37 mods, patches and plugins I've downloaded; Interstellar, to KW and SpaceY, bunch of utility mods, the usual I suppose. They have all been downloaded via CKAN, so I don't think it has anything to do with improper installations of the mods, and I'm currently in the process of uninstalling them one by one to see when it starts working again. My question is, really, what happened? As far as I understand, the game is preparing all of the assets and lines of code for the game, and yet I wouldn't understand why the game would crash at the same time during the same part of the boot-up. So, does anyone know what's happening when you start up the game, and why having so many mods might be the reason for the crash (Keep in mind I'm not 100% sure if it's because of all of those mods). Just some closure, trying to understand why this is happening. EDIT: One time I tried it again for the sake of insanity, finally got a freeze frame of when it breaksdown and crashes. Not sure how important it is, but something nonetheless. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kck7hybgcw5ef8e/Screenshot%20%28113%29.png?dl=0
  3. If you're talking about the satellite exploding in space suddenly, it could be the Heat-Kraken that's been attacking people since 1.0. Nothing you can do about it if that's the case
  4. Yeah, the first time it happened to me I had a mini-freak moment and just slammed the Esc button and froze thinking ".... ... just happened". It scared the crap out of me
  5. Grew up with my brother's copy of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis. Never was a Nintendo guy, but I did eventually end up getting a Gameboy Advance
  6. Looks like It'l be launching the WGS-7, "The Air Force's seventh Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite", into Low-Earth orbit. Live coverage will start at 7:47pm EST for a launch window at 8:07pm. http://www.floridatoday.com/story/tech/science/space/2015/07/23/live-delta-iv-rocket-launch-from-cape-with-wideband-global-satcom-wgs-air-force/30590289/
  7. I say create a couple new save files (If you know what you're doing) and try out both of them with totally different versions of the game. That way you save your current saves while trying out the new mods. Scott Manley has a few good videos on stuff like this.
  8. I know it's not the cause because I didn't use KJR up until recently and the screenshots I have in the OP are without KJR. Pretty sure it isn't the mod
  9. Plus I don't think even a 5m Fairing from the SpaceY mod would help cover that up
  10. If I'm not mistaken Remotetech does that already
  11. No, actually I've never used that part because of it's buggy tendencies. The example in the imgur album is actually with a 1.25m rocket where the clamps were strapped o to the SRBs. - - - Updated - - - In the pictures above I used four around my radial SRBs; is that too much?
  12. It seems like it's something with the type of part and not just the specific launch clamps. In the mod SpaceY Heavy Lifters pack there's a new part that act as super clamps, and I've seen them reach orbit in formation too.
  13. I say it's far too early to come up with one now, given that they haven't playtested anything just yet.
  14. Unless I want rapid rocket disassembly on the launch pad, I do sorta need them for the mid/late game as I'm launching 3.75 and 5m rockets with multiple stages. It's not all the time that this happens, but it's enough.
  15. I'm interested to see how they implement this as a core feature in the game, but I agree with uglyduckling in that it wouldn't make much sense to have level 3 render any currently operating comms satellite obsolete. I can see Level 2 maybe reaching out to the edge of Kerbin SOI, but having it go substantially farther than that would be overkill. Perhaps, even, level 1 gives the network hardly any range at all outside of the atmosphere, with level 2 reaching to the Mun, and lvl 3 to Kebin SOI. Then you could have the moons set up with satellites to propagate the signal further to the system, and make contracts just for that (That will at least make use of the satellite-based contracts that aren't polar orbits and surface stations). In the end, as nalfz said, I'm still gonna stick with RemoteTech.
  16. My suggestion is if you're already captured, do 1-2km aerobrakes repeatedly to minimize time in the atmosphere and keep your craft alive. Protip: bring a book, too.
  17. I take it this is a similar issue to having all the battery packs on a spaceship suddenly explode due to overheating, yes? If so then I've had similar issued where my entire orbital station quadfurcated when I switched to it because all of the individual parts had an in-line battery that suddenly exploded due to overheating in space near Kerbin. It may not be literally game-breaking, but I'd call it the Heat-Kraken.
  18. For a while I've had a rather interesting issue with all of my launch clamps, in that periodically during a launch to orbit they decide to follow me around and pop up meters next to my craft as I'm going up to orbit, and, as static objects, as soon as they appear they rapidly disappear as I accelerate upwards. This happens in about half of my launches on certain vehicles I build, and despite the number of mods I have currently installed I can confirm this did happen to me long before I started using anything, and I am certain this is not a mod related issue. As I've said, I haven't really been having a problem with it, but I supposed it was a bug nonetheless. However recently I've been launching directly upwards (to set up my orbital network for RemoteTech2), and I figure this change in my ascent trajectory has caused this bug with the Launch Clamps to really start to interfere with my game, as when they appear near my vessel they will crash into parts of the ship, forcing me to revert to launch and try again, hoping it doesn't happen again. But then does again... This, understandably, is quite frustrating, and I was wondering if anyone else out there was having a similar problem or (better yet) know how to help me fix this issue, or at the very least lend some insight into the problem. Thanks!
  19. Yeah, someone get Scott to at least comment on this, this is hilarious
  20. Doing Eve probe excursions This is an entirely stock look and it still looks nice.
  21. Congrats on the milestone and (I suppose) welcome back!
  22. Just brought my Eve Probe to its destination. I quicksaved just as I entered Eve's SOI to set up my aerobraking height, and for good reason because as soon as I reached 85km half of my ship exploded simultaneously (ironically just above the Expodium sea). Just reverted to the quicksave and did a retro burn at 90.1km to come into an orbit.
  23. No Fancy pics from me just yet, but I've just sent most of the probes out to their target planets. Unfortunately I've vastly underestimated the Delta-v required just getting there, so my Moho and Eeloo landers are probably just gonna be orbiters or in worst case fly-bys
  24. Thus far I've set up a few more alarms for transfer windows, launched a couple of probes into parking orbits to await the windows. Interestingly the first planets that became available were Jool (currently 13 days), Eeloo (19d), Moho (24d), Duna (67d) and Eve (88d). So I got time to perfect landing on Duna and Eve.
  25. Donno what to say. Give it a few goes and see how exactly it works out. Post pics if you can; that'll help
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