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  1. I have stopped making mods for Kerbal Space. Instead, I have decided to make my projects using 3D rendering tool - Keyshot. Introducing the new Kerdi Auto Admiral Sedan!
  2. Day 8 (final day) After hours of driving, after so many times loading the quick save file, Munly has arrived at the border of the Northern Ice Caps.
  3. Love the idea. What about People's Republic of Kerba?
  4. DAY 4: Munly drove a few hours today and made an impressive progress. Look at the view!!
  5. What about a battery mod that looks like this?
  6. I don't know which part of the rover you dislike, but the top (the car body) is my mod. Thanks, Munly should have enough food and music for this long trip.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. I think i will leave the windows transparent because I want to show some interiors (seats and steering wheels). I will wait and see if Squad would make changes to their pods' windows and will make changes accordingly.
  8. Day 2: Munly is getting frustrated. It is going to take ages to get there, especially when Munly cannot read the map.
  9. Mods used: Kerdi Auto Cavalcade and Kerbal Foundries wheels. Aim of the mission: Drive to Ice Capes with the two mods listed above. Nothing more (not even stock parts), (hopefully) nothing less Day 1: Munly Kerman is getting ready
  10. Haha love your signature P.S. Great job seanmcdougall