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    I figured as much, which is why I didn't quote you.
  2. algeo

    Voyager 1

    The thread is almost three years old.
  3. While RVE isn't 1.1.x yet, the old linux version works perfectly on 1.1.2 (windows) 64bit if you just follow the advice(s) on the last few pages in the RVE thread. Just thought I'd mention it if you're waiting for a new RVE version.
  4. Isn't that the rescaled fin bug? Or is there a new levitation bug? If it's the fin bug, all you really have to do is increase their mass (strength) to offset the negative weight until the dv with the part is lower than without it.
  5. Isn't Bobcat's stuff pretty much dead? The only Soviet rocket mod I know of for 1.1.2 is this one. I'm sure someone will correct me if there's another up-to-date one.
  6. Thanks alot! Working clouds and no exceptions. I'll be sure to sacrifice a kerbal in your honour by launching them right at kerbol.
  7. Doh! I can't believe I missed that despite sifting through the last 5 or so pages. Thanks for quoting yourself instead of scolding me for missing that. Anyway, it removed all the NREs but now my clouds look like a blocky disaster. This time I didn't miss anything, did I?
  8. I'm getting some NREs that have me confused. They fill up the log whenever I'm in flight. At first I thought it was an issue of mods being incompatible with one another, but then I narrowed it down and found that it was SVE causing the exceptions. Testing on a fresh install with only SVE/EVE/Scatterer/MM (i.e. the SVE package) I get less NREs, but still quite a few. It's worth noting that I have no immediate issues in-game (crashes that might be farther apart without the exceptions, I suppose). SVE looks just like it should... spectacular. Modded log No additional mods log Any thoughts?
  9. The edited video is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I've seen.
  10. I try not to biome-hop or use labs at all. I never launch anything that won't bring me a profit in career mode. Sometimes I do have to set up an infrastructure that isn't initially profitable, but in the end it has to bring in some net gain. I try to avoid using parts from heavier mods (like Interstellar) until I've unlocked all of its nodes. Sometimes I break this rule. When playing RSS, anything I accomplish that doesn't seem feasible in reality is immediately aborted by crashing into the nearest planetary body.
  11. With FAR it really depends. If you happen to make the most aerodynamic craft known to kerbalkind you'll probably get to orbit with much less dv required, but generally I think FAR adds some Dv required for orbit (especially if your craft isn't a perfect rocket-shape as more course corrections will likely be needed, and you'll be slowed down by any flat surface). What I mean to say is that it can adjust the dv needed both negatively and positively... it really depends on the craft. With something like this it might add some at least, since it is far from symmetrical with the shuttle on one side and nothing else balancing out the drag and weight on the other side. If it were just the shuttle it'd get to orbit with far less dv required than with the shuttle and the carrier. It's fun though! And you really have to build on feeling. Generally I use the VAB/SPH FAR tool to get all my numbers just right for all elevations and velocities, but with something as asymmetrical as this, all that window tells me is "EVERYTHING IS RED! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" I also forgot to mention something funny in the album for the Ablator. I wanted to go for a KSC landing with the second landing, but with clouds in the map view I completely misidentified the continent and landed somewhere else entirely. That's far more of a nuissance than FAR, but I know people have complained about this so maybe that'll be toggleable at some point in the future.