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  1. thx for the tips all you ya Yes, i do have to rescue him, but i don't have any vessel with 2 spaces, and i hate going in space without a pilot to activate the ASA... waiting to research one and then i'll get that creep down
  2. Oh yeah, after getting less than 10m far away from the target, I just figured out i don't have the necessary equipment to dock the ship... gr8
  3. Hello, Thx. alot for the info given - considering this the best answer And for the picture :
  4. As the title says, i can't figure out how to do that, though i've watched multiple videos about it. Here's a screenshot to describe it better : As you can see, there are 2 ships : one's mine, and the other is from a mission ( Gregdour ). The problem is that we both spin along eachother, so we'll never 'regardevouz' as it should. I tried burning in all the axes directions, from up and down to the mid-left and left and mid-right and up-left etc. It will reduce the relative speed ( 4123 m/s ), but it will break my orbit. So how do i do it ? ( btw, please don't use rocket science terms like retrogade and anti-normals and other stuff like this -> colors ( i'm dumber ).