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  1. Mac is surprisingly stable on ksp! except for the fact that there is no modeling for any asteroids. They are all just black rocks in space. This bug for me has lasted since 1.0.5 and I don't know if this is occuring on any other OS.
  2. I believe we should have the ability to choose what kind of fuel in every tank. You could choose the tank setups like Liquid fuel and Oxidiser, Liquid Fuel, or even Monoprop! This would put my mind at ease knowing I don't have to have fuel tanks half empty whenever I choose to have nuclear engines on my craft.
  3. I live in Mexico City if I wasnt 2300 miles away
  4. Does this mod have a contract system and its own biomes for science?
  5. I'm already making a vessel worthy of making it to a moon of another nearby star system and back to kerbin to land. Plus its actually not overkill. Message me for a picture of it, even though i doubt anyone would be interested.
  6. Thats nice and all, but I installed the mod today and when I loaded it up, I couldn't zoom out to the galaxy and the backgound for all of the fake stars were missing.
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