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  1. I downloaded it and it's working great! Much appreciated, Mike.
  2. I updated to the newest version, but I'm still getting the same results. Once my ET was drained, I had approximately 400 meters of acceleration to go in a 110x150 km orbit. My OMS was giving me less than 1/ms, and the estimated remaining burn time was over 5 minutes long. By that time, I'd be reentering the atmosphere! If it's of significance, my payload is approximately 8.5 tons. I don't wish to make you do something just for me, but instead of tweaking fuel consumption, could you make a patch to make the engines more powerful in vacuum, in case people (like myself) have trouble with the newer engines? While I'm at it, I'd like to say your work is fantastic. I absolutely can't wait till everything is finished so I can build Space Station Freedom.
  3. Yes, I'm using v1.7.3 Also no, I'm not using RO.
  4. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get into orbit. I haven't been playing much KSP lately, so it hasn't been since 1.7 was released that I've actually tried to fly a mission (hence why this is such a late post). I can barely get my apoapsis to 100 kilometers with the weakened RS-25s. Is there a nominal ascent trajectory I need to take? Because I run out of fuel well below my previously normal operating altitude (usually inbetween 100 and 120 kilometers). My OMS engines are practically useless because I'm only getting 1/ms from them. I apologize if I come off as complaining or whining, but this was my last option. I tried adjusting to thrust for the engines myself, but the thrust values would either stay the same or actually decrease, most oddly. I also tried to replace the 1.7 engines with the engines from 1.6, but they wouldn't load.
  5. For the ISS solar array trusses, I think it would be wise to make them able to move in 2 axes, like the Balka array from the Kosmos pack (as well as because this is how they worked in real life). Getting full power will be impossible during the early stages of ISS construction in-game because the P6 (first solar array segment delivered) was attached to the top of Z1. Since the P6 is mounted vertically, the single axes (yaw) it uses won't allow it to collect sunlight at max capacity during day time because it can't pitch as the sun moves across the sky. Also something I researched a little into it, there's actually 2 "types" of solar array trusses. The P/S 3-4 trusses are different from the P/S 6 trusses. The 3-4 has a hexagonal structure, like this while the P/S 6 trusses have a rectangular structure Perhaps after more important work has been completed, it'd be nice to see a proper P/S 6 truss made.
  6. Hey Mike, I think a good addon would be the SpaceHab modules along with the external tunnel airlock. In this, the airlock is in between the docking adapter and the SpaceHab module. Directly behind the crew compartment. And the SpaceHab double module, as opposed to the single module in the first image.
  7. I seem to be having a problem with the new version here. My SRB decouplers refuse to operate, whether it be staging them or manually clicking the button to decouple them. I don't remember seeing anyone else report the same issue and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who is experiencing this.
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