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  1. Thanks @Drakenex! Zarya doesn't really have variations since it was just one module made of FGB parts. I don't have a craft file at the moment, but I think it's just FGB parts and the neck and node from the MIR core module. Photos in the below spoiler. Zvezda is pretty much in the same spot, being a repurposed MIR core module. Really glad to see this back in development now that Tantares is feature-complete!
  2. When I try to load the port on my tablet, it's giving me a "refused to connect" error, even though it's working on the desktop that runs KSP. I've been scouring the internet for fixes, but I simply haven't been able to figure it out. Do you know what might be causing this and how to fix it?
  3. I'm curious about what mods you're using for your space center. You use JNSQ, right? What's the launch tower you have? I'm absolutely loving the g force animated antennas.
  4. Would it be possible to make ISS-like textures for FGB and MIR parts to make them look a bit more like Zarya and Zvezda? I was surprised to see that Zarya IRL is mostly that tan/cream color rather than being mostly white.
  5. Excited for the ISS possibilities with Dextre! I don't have specific things in mind, but am looking forward to the planned additions. Are there still plans to do the Canadarm 1? I'm working on my ISS builds and would love to be able to have the easier time IKRC would make when using the shuttle.
  6. That is awesome! What are you planning to use Dextre for in the long run? Manipulating smaller stuff like the cold plate? Does the new DLC change any of your plans for the arms?
  7. Where are people getting the International Docking Adapter from?
  8. Would it be possible to make the CBM thermal covers a KIS-attachable/removable part?
  9. Doesn't seem to work for 1.4.1. It caused the game to crash on loading several times.
  10. I think more color would be great, but would potentially also mean going more of the "puzzle piece" route when it comes to creating parts for specific spacecraft. Something I'm all for, but is up for debate.
  11. Is there a way the radio receiver antenna could be put on an angled folding mount like the L-HG1 High gain antenna? This would make it look a lot like the receiver on the front of the early soyuzes.
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