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  1. Excited for the ISS possibilities with Dextre! I don't have specific things in mind, but am looking forward to the planned additions. Are there still plans to do the Canadarm 1? I'm working on my ISS builds and would love to be able to have the easier time IKRC would make when using the shuttle.
  2. That is awesome! What are you planning to use Dextre for in the long run? Manipulating smaller stuff like the cold plate? Does the new DLC change any of your plans for the arms?
  3. Doesn't seem to work for 1.4.1. It caused the game to crash on loading several times.
  4. I think more color would be great, but would potentially also mean going more of the "puzzle piece" route when it comes to creating parts for specific spacecraft. Something I'm all for, but is up for debate.
  5. Is there a way the radio receiver antenna could be put on an angled folding mount like the L-HG1 High gain antenna? This would make it look a lot like the receiver on the front of the early soyuzes.
  6. I agree, the top one fits with the other parts well, but still has a pattern to unify FGB parts.
  7. Personally I like a bit more subdued colors, making it look like worn soviet tech, like the faded khaki on the soyuz and salyut parts.
  8. The IR control menu isn't anywhere when I try to use it. I have the latest versions including the dev version of KJR which is supposed to work with IR.
  9. How did you get IR and canadarm to work in 1.2.2? Or is that not 1.2.2? I can't get either to work.
  10. Because doing otherwise would rob him of the thrill he needs to be the Jeb we all know and launch
  11. Any way you could make it have bdarmory laser? In my save MIR simply needs to go.
  12. How do I run it in not-directX mode? I've just been launching it from ksp.exe. Is there some way to change this?