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  1. que cosas te gustaria que añadan a ksp?

    En realidad no es tanto problema por ksp sino por los mods. Muchos de ellos no están muy bien optimizados
  2. que cosas te gustaria que añadan a ksp?

    El mod "Principia" añade fisica de N-cuerpos (la cual permite puntos de lagrange) y añade inclinacion a los planetas. Es bastante complicado y aumenta mucho la dificultad pero vale la pena probarlo
  3. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    If a player has low and another player has high there's > 1m height difference between them and ground positioning doesn't work (vessels clip inside terrain or fly)
  4. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Well, warp subspaces in my opinion are the best trade off for multiplayer also, you can set the "warp master" mode in LMP so a designated player is the warp master or just a no-warp game. Your idea would mean a total rework of how LMP works and that would mean syncing a ton of stuff between players in the same ship. Although possible, it would involve massive work
  5. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    False positive. You can check the source code in the github repo if you want to be sure about it
  6. Comunidad hispana en Discord !!

    Hola chicos, he creado un servidor de discord en este link: https://discord.gg/NZ5Br5M Si os interesa uniros y ayudarme con la organizacion etc por ahi estare
  7. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Just pushed a new release. Main update is that we support career and science modes thanks to MalteJanz!
  8. Comunidad hispana en Discord !!

    Hola yo tambien estoy interesado!! He creado el mod para multijugador LMP y a veces me cansa hablar en ingles asi que si pudiese tener feedback en español seria genial
  9. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    The code changed quite a lot between 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 and the developers team is very small and must focus our time in other stuff atm. Still, feel free to get the code and compile it against the old dll's if you want
  10. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    I just released a new version so it might help you on that. Anyway, career and science mode are still not supported although another developer is actively working on that You can either downlaod them in the lunamultiplayer website or directly in the github repo
  11. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    Another developer is implementing career mode into LMP so we might have it soon At the moment I'm more focused on having it stable and without bugs
  12. [1.4.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    The version that the website says is wrong. The latest 131 compatible version is 0.2.22. Still, I don't recommend you to use it as many bugs were fixed in the last iteration. @SupperRobin6394
  13. KSP 1.4 no output_log

    Wow thanks! Just in case someone needs it, the folder is: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program
  14. On KSP 1.3.1 I used the output_log to find the debugging port and see a more detailed logging. It seems that in 1.4 that logging is removed. Is there any way of putting it back on?