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  1. 21 hours ago, OhioBob said:

    I wish I could answer but I really don't know anything about RemoteTech.  I've never used it because I've always found stock communications adequate.  Perhaps somebody with knowledge of RemoteTech can answer this.

    Tlit'Em doesn't work.  It does tilt planets, but it has problems that the dev was never able to solve before apparently giving up on it.  It's just not stable enough to use.

    I'm back on it and managed to solve some of the issues but still I have a errors when going into rotating frame and not packing the vessels.... Unfortunately I would need help from a SQUAD dev for this :( Or just more time until I get the inspiration

  2. On 11/28/2019 at 8:38 PM, StormxWolf said:

    Hey on the mod control page you guys said there were example/template/premade module xml files. I was wondering if I could get a link to those? I must be blind and don't actually see them anywhere so even just pointing me in the right direction would help.

    It's in the last part of the https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/wiki/Parts-syncronization page.

    Direct link: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/tree/master/LmpClient/ModuleStore/XML/Squad

  3. 14 hours ago, Talavar said:

     Heya Dagger, everything seems to be working fantastic. The only problem we (my brother and I) have encountered is the ships acting erratic on the launchpad. They actually get warped underground in some cases.. other times, it spawns the ship at 1 Kilometer, on stabilizers, ready to launch (hilarious looking actually..lol)... Other times, the game will load in, and act normal for about 5-10 seconds, then the ship will randomly explode for no reason, even after liftoff. It only happens directly around the KSC. This is resolved by turning off LMP, as i've tested launching the ship in the same game without LMP enabled. We started with the latest version of KSP and current mod version, then reverted to 1.6.1 . Same issues in both version.  Is there a setting that we can tweak to help out with this, or is this just something we have to deal with for the time being? Any help or info would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    Hmmm I don't know exactly what could be the reason as I didn't see it locally. Please fill a bug report with the server files, vessels, steps to reproduce etc on github (https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/issues) so I can reproduce it locally.

    If I cant see the error on my computer is almost impossible for me to fix it

  4. 9 hours ago, Spica said:

    I'm probably doing something wrong with my install, but for me the 1.2.0 release doesn't work (no axial tilt appears on any planet), the exception that I see in the console is:
    Exception: TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'TiltEm.TiltEm' from assembly 'Tiltem, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
    I'm using it in a fresh KSP 1.7.3 install with the latest Kopernicus and required dependencies, and no other mods for testing.

    I have also tried KSP 1.7.1 with and without Kopernicus, and KSP 1.7.2 without Kopernicus.

    You are right. I forgot to copy a dll aswell in the release. Now it should work.

    I recommend you to get the debug version and adjust the slider when below 100K meters. I'm trying to find a way to get that exact value but I'm quite lost on that. 

    If someone can help me (need to know how ksp orbit works) I think I would be able to solve it and finish the mod.

    The only thing left is that the LAN value for active vessels orbits when switching to inverse rotation changes and it's periapsis/apoapsis values have some small rounding error

    Here are the current issues explained: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/TiltEm/issues

  5. On 4/5/2019 at 11:55 AM, Codapop said:

    I'm getting a surface speed bug when landed, or even before launch (53m/s in this case). Otherwise the mod seems to be working really well for me in v1.6.1. I really hope Dagger returns and decides to complete this mod. Seems it could be a cornerstone of the modding community.

    Managed to solve this and some other bugs.

    Still, I had to add a correction slider as I still can't manage to sync the orbits when in inverse rotation.

    Also when switching to rotation, the LAN parameter changes and also the pariapsis/apoapsies varies around 10 meters... This means that I have to mess with the orbital stuff from KSP but that part of the code is not easy to understand :(

  6. The "accelerating" behaviour happens when your computer can't handle the graphics and then LMP forces the game to run at a higher speed. Next version has a part limit count setting on the server. This will avoid players from spawning vessels with million part count and then getting very low FPS.

    Bear in mind that KSP is not prepared for multiplayer and this mod is just a proof of concept. To really make it multiplayer the physiscs should be handled server-side but that would be way too much work

  7. On 11/29/2018 at 11:46 PM, Huggleton said:

    Using the current version of LMP (0.17.0), rendezvous is impossible! The craft keep pinging ahead in their orbits. Even cheating the craft into rendezvous doesn’t help.

    You're probably using mods? I made few tests and it works locally and with another tester

    14 hours ago, Blyad Cat said:

    I was wondering, is it possible to enable destruction between two crafts owned by two different people?

    Working on that but it will take some time


  8. On 11/22/2018 at 1:28 AM, ratchet9868 said:

    Hello, about two weeks ago i bought my friend KSP and since we have been enoying messing around over calls.

    about two days ago we tried LMP, The setup was easy and we were in game together within 5 minutes of downlaoding the mod!

    However, my friend launched to orbit so i could rendezvous with him but anytime i got close he seemed to accelerate away, and whenever he synced to me his orbit changed.

    He has a very old and slow computer and i can see him lagging, i presume this is the problem but thought i would ask anyway. either way great work on this, and hope to see it fully implemented one day! :)

    Latest version (0.17.0) should fix most of those issues I can't guarantee that is 100% stable but it contains a fix for a nasty bug that existed on LMP since the beginning and may have caused that behaviour

  9. Will try to explain this with images and hope somebody can help me out on this...

    Here my active vessel is in a suborbital trajectory and the planetarium is NOT tilted, therefore, we tilt the planet and everything is nice and cool


    Now I force tilting the planetarium (it will happen anyways when I'm below 100K meters) and as you can see, all the OTHER orbits that are not the active are tilted "correctly" (or that's what I think). Bear in mind that when tilting the planetarium I must put the planet with 0 tilt as otherwise we would have a tilted planetarium + a tilted planet and that's not good)


    The problem is that on my active vessel the orbit is not moved (as I'm in track physics mode) so basically my vessel should be MOVED to do something like this:


    So, you can say: "well, just pack your active vessel or put the orbit driver in "update" mode for 1 frame and it will be unpacked on the next frame" but even with that solution, there are still some errors.

    In this case I'm in a vessel that is in a stable orbit and look how the orbit of that unloaded vessel that is in a ballistic orbit produces an error when tilting the planetarium:



    If someone has some knowledge on how the orbits are calculated inside KSP and it's celestial frames please contact me :) I'm preety sure that we can solve this issue

  10. 4 hours ago, jcox08 said:

    Have the interpolation settings been removed? I don't seem to see the option in settings anymore.

    I have issues with our orbits getting way out of wack and i have read that people disable interpolation and re-enable it to resync the orbits correctly.

    You should be able to just delete the Universe folder contained in the Server folder then start the server.

    Yes now interpolation is always ON

    Regarding the orbit issues, just get the latest nightly version or wait until next version as that will be fixed ;)

  11. 31 minutes ago, theonegalen said:

    Why is it necessary to tip the planetarium once you go below 100 km? I imagine it has something to do with how KSP handles aircraft and that good old swap between PQS and scaled space?

    It's how KSP works. If you don't do it, the planet rotates below you and it's impossible to land without exploding, it also has to do with the PQS stuff.

    With the mod you can try it, just press the "Toggle Rotating Frame" once you're below 100k meters, be sure that the planetarium is not tilted and you will see what I mean. The thing is that you must land in a "static" planet instead of a rotating one, otherwise there are lots of issues

  12. @5thHorseman Exactly. The issue is that when you're not in a rotating frame (this means that the PLANET is tilted and the planetarium is not tilted) the orbit looks fine and everything is nice :)

    The problem is that when you tilt the planetarium (it happens automatically when below 100k meters) then the planet must be tilted back as how it was before as otherwise you would have a tilted planetarium + a tilted planet and that's not good.

    So the issue here is that the vessel must be moved around to the equivalent position and also it's orbital data, that's where I'm stuck as I don't know how to move the vessel to where it should be :( I think that I must play around with the celestialframe, orbitdriver and orbit classes but I'm still stuck and this week I didn't had time to have a look at it

  13. On 11/12/2018 at 2:56 PM, SnailnamedSnail said:

    Do you plan to cooperate with the author of the RSS in the next update of Tilt'Em and together make it (RSS) for 1.5.1?

    Next version will be integrated in kopernicus so that will help them

    On 11/12/2018 at 7:07 PM, Jesusthebird said:

    Ooo cant wait till the major bugs are squashed. Ive always wanted tilt rotation for planets. Launching to polar orbits..or specific inclinations will be much more...interesting :) this combined with KK statics by omega will be a phenomenal boost to my game immersion.

    Still stuck with the orbits issue :/ I hope I can find a solution soon....

  14. On 10/30/2018 at 5:23 PM, Rangetonbang said:

    Hello everyone and hello Dagger , first thing ,thanks you for the good work for the multiplayer.  Its cool and SQUAD have to paid you to buy your code (I hope it will come for you) But its not the point here.

    I have found a bug and maybe someone can help me.

    The bug in question : When i try to dock any vessel between them ,they literally duplicate himself while i connect the docking port ,and they struggle and, booooom explosion everywhere. I have tried many thing to fix it , like playing in debug version , like playing with no modded game , in space , on the ground , same result , explosion.  How i can fix it ? Is it my fault ? Or its a LunaMultiplayer bug ? 


    Thanks and fly safe :D

    (apologise for my english translation ,its hard) 



    Probably a LMP bug. Have you tried nightly version? You can see how to get it on the wiki

    On 10/31/2018 at 1:58 PM, davidavil said:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

    This mod is a great improvement from DMP. I'm testing now career mode and I have one question. Is it possible to refund money when reverting a flight?

    Thanks again.

    Nope, and probably it won't ever be as that can cause sync issues. P1 reverts and P2 completes a contract and so on...

    EDIT: Latest version supports this although with some limitations (check limitations page on the wiki)

  15. 14 hours ago, eggrobin said:

    Well, α and δ are relative to the celestial equator, not the ecliptic; the ecliptic is rarely used in modern astronomy, see Capitaine and Soffel (2015), On the definition and use of the ecliptic in modern astronomy, arXiv:1501.05534 [astro-ph.EP].

    You should probably follow the usual astronomical convention (right ascension and declination of pole), to make it easy to supply tilt for real-world bodies.


    Regarding your general vessel rotation woes, it seems that below the inverse rotation threshold, you are doing exactly what we do (tilt the universe around the main body). Since you don't actually own the physics of everything, it means you must chase down the various bits of the universe to tilt them (which seems to be the bug at hand), whereas our approach (we own the orbit of everything, whether it is packed or not, as soon as it leaves the ground) makes it easier to just tilt the whole universe at once.

    Both variants however will run into the issue of the vessels themselves being rotated, even if their orbits are fine (Principia issue #1639), so to answer @Phineas Freak, this mod should have the same issue, just at the inverse rotation threshold instead of the SOI boundary.

    @Phineas Freak: note that we do plan to do something about #1639 eventually; it is a bit tricky, but with the Principia approach of keeping an authoritative record of the position of everything, it should be feasible, see

    At the moment we are working on extended geopotential models (mascons, etc.) however.

    Yes, you're probably right about the naming convention as to be honest my math/astronomy knowledge is quite limited. Your mod is awesome btw it's complexity is just as if KSP+Principia is a totally different game! I wish I developed my career around C++ instead of C# as sometimes I feel it's limitations and I would be better suited to understand your code :)....

    Regarding the orbits I'm investigating what could be the issue, perhaps I'll have to play with the orbit driver transform... Will see what I get...

    About the tilting of the vessels, this mod suffers the same issue as yours, my idea is to add a callback to 


    And once that's called, get the tilt of the planet, run trough all the vessels in the game and call the vessel.SetRotation... If I manage to succeed on that I'll let you know as you can probably use it aswell

  16. On 11/6/2018 at 10:35 AM, eggrobin said:

    The standard astronomical convention is to use the right ascension and declination of pole (α0 and δ0 in figure 1 of https://astropedia.astrogeology.usgs.gov/download/Docs/WGCCRE/WGCCRE2015reprint.pdf).

    They probably don't map directly to the numbers you use: (90° - α0, 90° - δ0, W) are ZXZ Euler angles, i.e., the rotation of 90° - αis about the celestial north Z, the rotation of 90° - δ0 is about the rotated X axis (lying on the celestial equator, 90° - α0 from the origin of right ascension), and the reference system used is right-handed (with Z being celestial north).

    From a cursory reading of your code, you seem to be applying those rotations around X and Z in left-handed, Y-up reference systems instead (it's not clear to me which one is applied first when starting from the celestial frame), so that the transformation between (TILTX, TILTZ) and (α0, δ0) would be nontrivial.

    Yeah also the TiltX and TiltZ should be relative to the ecliptic and at this moment they are relative to the unity "world" axis so they must be worked on... Hopefully I will get into this once I manage to fix the bug described below :)


    I've been stuck with a bug and perhaps someone can help me on that...

    The basic idea of this mod is that on every CelestialBody_update of the planets if we are NOT rotating with the planet, I tilt the celestial frame of that body as seen in here and here. If the planetarium was tilted (more about this later) then it must be reset to the default state, this is done here. Fortunately this whole tilting of planets didn't caused much issues and it's what the released version 1.0.0 does

    The problem is that whenever you're below 100k meters of a planet, landed or in the KSC, the ROTATING FRAME is triggered and then you rotate WITH the planet and the planetarium is moved around instead. This basically means that the main body you're orbiting becomes static and the sun and all the other planets are moved around (basically what Aristotle said ;)). To properly apply axial tilt I had to tilt the planetarium celestial frame as it's shown here and here. Also, if before entering the rotating frame your planet had a tilt, it must be removed and set it to 0 as it's done here. This behavior was not existing on version 1.0.0 and this means that when you're landed or below 100k meters you don't see any axial tilt...

    This new functionallity caused several issues and here I explain how I solved them...

    1: The orbit of the packed vessels and planets must be tilted aswell! This is done by tilting the orbit frames here just before their orbit calculations are done. This doesn't apply to unpacked vessels (more about them below)

    2: As the whole universe is tilted, all the vessels that are unpacked (with orbitdriver mode set as "track physics") including the active vessel must be moved to the new universe-tilted position.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In KSP, whenever a vessel is unpacked the orbit is updated based on the current vessel position otherwise, when the vessel is packed (with the orbitdriver mode set as "update") the orbits are updated on every frame and then, the vessel is moved to there the orbit says it should be

    To fix this behaviour, I put the orbit driver of unpacked vessels (including your own active vessel) to "Update" mode for 1 frame, this makes the vessel go to where the orbit specifies and then it returns back to it's "track physics" mode. This is done here


    This new functionallity mostly work fine, however there are some bugs in the positioning as you can see in this gif:


    As this detail image shows, the orbit "end" is not the same when the planetarium is tilted



    Does someone know what could be happening with the orbit vector? For that particular case I had to apply a rough correction of:

    tilt = new Vector3d(tilt.x - 4, -10, tilt.z - 2);

    To the planet tilt when applying it to the planetarium here but it doesn't make any sense and I only got those numbers by trial and error and the might be different if the planet tilt varies or perhaps even if the vessel orbit is different.


    In case you want to test it yourself, get a debug build (so you have the debug panel and you can change the rotating frame) hereRemember that you need to have kopernicus installed!

  17. 22 hours ago, ZingidyZongxxx said:

    That's exactly the problem I have actually. In fact, there is no "winter" or seasons at all for that matter. The sun will rise and set the exact same way for the entire year.

    Then probably there's a bug when tilting the planetarium. I will have a look at it during the week

  18. 22 hours ago, ZingidyZongxxx said:

    I'm having this same issue in 1.1.

    I'm also having a much more annoying issue that pretty much breaks the mod for me, not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. Basically the rotation of Kerbin in the tracking station seems to work fine, but it doesn't work correctly when viewed from vessels. Kerbin is tilted, but its axis of rotation is still vertical. So, instead of the axis of rotation going through the poles as it should, the poles just rotate around a point ~23 degrees off. This is very strange, as it only seems to affect certain vessels, possibly anything launched after I installed this mod? For example, I put a plane on the North pole to see if seasons would work properly and they did not. Meanwhile, if I load up a vessel that's been orbiting Kerbin since before I installed the mod, everything seems to be working fine. Any clue what's causing this?

    EDIT: Turns out it's actually not an issue of whether the vessel was there before I installed the mod, it seems instead to be caused by vessels on Kerbin rather than orbiting something. So, from the perspective of a rocket that hasn't been launched, things won't work. But if that same rocket is in orbit, things work fine. Very strange.


    11 hours ago, marcushouse said:

    Yes I am having this issue as well. Everything looked wonderful from the tracking station until I went in to launch a vehicle. I was trying to find my launch window when I realised that KSC was rotating under the equator the entire time (tilt seemed to be totally locked all of a sudden. Also, another strange thing I am seeing when in orbit is the whole galaxy swaying back and forth. It's all very weird.

    Already answered on GitHub but I will answer here aswell.

    When you are below a certain altitude KSP tilts THE SKYBOX and not the planet. This means that all the planets, the sun and the skybox that is behind them is moved around the sky, this is why when you go to map view and your vessel is landed / at low altitude you won't see kerbin tilted and you will see a weird "jittering" when looking at the sun from the map view). Once you go to a higher orbit, KSP switches the mode and then THE PLANET is tilted and the skybox is static.

    This is how KSP works and it works fine, it's the expected behavior. If you want to check if this system works, just warp until the North Pole is in winter and land there with a plane. If you see the sun then there's a bug, if there is dark all the time then it's fine.

    Base your tests on facts and not on what you "see" as KSP had to do a lot of hacks to be able to work on unity ;)


  19. 2 hours ago, OhioBob said:

    How do we get 1.1?  Your GitHub page includes only a 1.0 release.

    I've also added further information regarding the issue I reported on GitHub.


    Go to the appveyor build:


    Then go to the artifacts tab. Bear in mind that you need Kopernicus installed.

    It's still not in releases as I want to be sure that the bug you put on GitHub is resolved. Once I'm back home on Tuesday I'll have a look at it

    1 hour ago, Pand5461 said:

    @Dagger is the tilt angle currently defined by the combination of TiltX and TiltZ?

    Or is one of them "inclination" and another one "longitude of the ascending node" for the equatorial plane of the planet relative to the ecliptic (i.e. all planets with equal TiltX have axes with the same angle to the ecliptic)?

    1.1 version has tiltz and tilx

  20. 7 hours ago, FreeThinker said:

    One Issie I notice with this mod is that surface markers  end up underground when the planet turns around it axis


    It mainly a cosmetic issue because when you load the vessel, it position itself at the the correct location at the surface


    Have you tried it in 1.1? You can get it from appveyor-> artifacts but you will have to install Kopernicus as well. I'm on holidays but if the error exists in 1.1 please do a GitHub bug report and I will look at it next week ;)

  21. 1 hour ago, Catatau_27 said:

    Dear Mr. @Dagger

    I have something to report, NavBall, using the mod is misaligned a few degrees, I know the planet needs an angulation and that favors in several situations however with Naval misaligned it is strange to pilot in Kerbin and confuses me enough when I am flying by instruments.

    However your mod mod is incredible, what is missing now would be the tidal effect. =) 

    Thank you for making planetary tilt possible.

    Just check some posts above yours, I've done several navball tests and it works fine on the 1.1 (you can get it compiling the code or in appveyor) not sure if on 1.0 is buggy

  22. 34 minutes ago, VonFrank said:

    With this new config file structure, how do modded planets work? If the name of the new planet is written in as a new entry, does the mod recognize it and apply the tilt accordingly?

    A Kopernicus patch is on the way, but yes, you use the modded planet names by replacing the default KSP ones and add more if you need

    59 minutes ago, OhioBob said:

    Yes, I did some testing as well and I too think the NavBall is correct.  I placed a satellite into a equatorial orbit and pointed it at +Normal.  The Level and +Normal indicators on the NavBall remained positioned exactly on the intersection of the horizon and the N line throughout an entire orbit.  This tells me that the satellite's longitudinal axis is continuously pointing at true north.  This is what we should see if the NavBall were correctly identifying the new north pole.  When I put the satellite in non-inclined orbit (relative to the ecliptic), the Level and +Normal indicators would oscillate around north, pointing true north only two times per orbit.  This is again what I would expect if the NavBall were working correctly.

    Regarding the bug you posted on github I think it's fixed on 1.1. You can get the build from the "artifacts" in the appveyor:


  23. 49 minutes ago, ZingidyZongxxx said:

    This is amazing, do you know if it is compatible with old saves or will that break everything?

    The only thing that could happen is that geostationary orbits get "broken" as they won't be above the same part of the planet where you left them

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