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  1. I'm using Nertea's Stockalike station parts, and have a cargo container set for MaterialKits. However, when I have an engineer disassemble as part, the resulting MaterialKits are lost. I tried to make an MM patch after looking through the cfg files, but it didn't work: @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[USI_ModuleRecycleBin],MODULE[ModuleB9DisableTransform],@RESOURCE[MaterialKits]] { MODULE { name = USI_ModuleRecycleBin } } I'm guessing it's not picking up the @Resource due to the B9 handling. The actual part is "sspx-cargo-container-25-1" , but I would like to support all related containers. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Solved it myself after digging though the StationParts included patch collection. For anyone else: @PART[sspx-cargo-container-*]:NEEDS[USITools] { MODULE { name = USI_ModuleRecycleBin } }
  2. Mapview works fine, but staging view while not under acceleration is just black. Switching back and forth doesn't change it. It's annoying for launches, but anything already in orbit is unviewable (so menus are pretty much clink-and-hope), and docking is flat-out not possible.
  3. I Just had the same/similar issue. Seems to be related to engines being active. Brand new install about 18 hours ago, previous directory deleted completely. Opened KSP, created sandbox, threw together minimalist vessel, and got this: EDIT UPDATE: Correction, it seems to be related to G-Forces, as there's a delay between engine shut off and blackout. It seems to actually occur when G-force hits zero after exiting KSC biome.
  4. I just had this idea, and couldn't find anything similar, so I figured I'd toss it out there. Essentially, set up collision-less gravity/SOI sources for L-4/-L5 for major bodies. if collision-less or physics-less isn't possible (I know nothing about Kopericus, other than it creates planets), maybe a small 'trapped' asteroid placeholder instead. What do people think?
  5. is there a chart of CRP resources similar to this one for stock resources? I know I can go into the file and look, but I'm lazy.... I'm happy to make one to be added to the OP, if needed.
  6. Is there any possibility of getting some kind if "Import from Transfer Window Planner" functionality? Something that would read from the clipboard, and parse the node settings? Kerbin (@200km) -> Duna (@100km) Depart at: Year 1, Day 106, 0:00:00 UT: 2268000 Travel: 320 Days, 0:58:08 UT: 6915489 Arrive at: Year 1, Day 426, 0:58:08 UT: 9183489 Phase Angle: 89.84° Ejection Angle: 47.03° to prograde Ejection Inc.: -0.07° Ejection Δv: 1439 m/s Prograde Δv: 1439.0 m/s Normal Δv: -4.5 m/s Heading: 90.18° Insertion Inc.: -0.35° Insertion Δv: 824 m/s Total Δv: 2263 m/s
  7. The author hasn't been on the forums since January, and the github hasn't been updated since last October. I'd assume they're either busy with other stuff, or have abandoned it. Too bad, I really liked this one.
  8. Station Science (recently updated for 1.1.2) is my go-to for stations. It actually gives stations a reason beyond a gas station.
  9. I just re-started (haven't even hit orbit yet). I'm getting missions for Kerbin after I recover a local Rover. However, when I accept and go out with a new rover, I immediately get a 'Mission failed' message. Is this because the rover was already recovered before the mission was accepted?
  10. Just getting back into the Kerbal for 1.1, and I found this. Very nice mod,. Two things: Is there any way to add custom nodes via MM/config files? Given the number of other people's mods you are supporting, have you considered breaking up the tree into separate files? One for the tree/stock parts, and separate one for each mod... then you could even encourage the mod owners to submit their own node assignments.
  11. I have a bug in the just shows the message "No sites found" rather than a list of survey stakes in UI. Currently, my Minmus base is quite happily building a rover in hyperspace...
  12. I use an engineer for assembling to core of the base, but once the basic mining/manufacturing (which requires an engineer to sit in the base) for bootstrapping is up, I use others for secondary parts (storage, Mine shafts, etc).
  13. I think the easiest way to implement this would be make the part (probably three actually, small/med/large) simply generate the resource over time, at no cost (or maybe ElectricCharge based on size). The part would require the following conditions to activate: Attached to space station with mass of X (varies depending on size of part...large might require a small asteroid to make up sufficient mass) Keostationary orbit over KSC (check for planet/altitude/lat/long). Possibly some sort of unsafe/risky/safe display depending on how close to requirements Part takes X days to become fully active once activated Once fully active, part constantly generates whatever resources at rate dependent on size. When vessel is selected and/or physics is activated, part will check for activation conditions...if part is active and conditions are not met (station has been moved, etc), part explodes. Would be nice to have some way to access Astronaut Complex for med/large version, and simple transfer of Kerbals form ground to station.