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  1. _stilgar_

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    It doesn't. Take Two only bought KSP and hired Squad to keep working on it. Squad is still independent.
  2. _stilgar_

    KSP Weekly: Colonization of Mars

    Cloud saves! Finally I won't have to set up dropbox links on every computer...
  3. _stilgar_

    1.4.1 Contract order

    Have you sent anything to solar orbit? If you escape Kerbin SOI, the game assumes that you are ready to go to Duna, even if you haven't even landed on any of the moons yet.
  4. Heavy engine with low TWR and good ISP? Sounds like NERV. Did anyone from Squad actually confirmed that they were swapped? I'm not so sure it's an error. Which makes no sense in KSP (which is a little bit different than real life). Who would use an engine with poor vacuum ISP for a vacuum stage? TWR is irrelevant in orbit, but ISP is quite important. That's why NERV is so popular. If Wolfhound is light, high TWR, low ISP, no one would use it. For an orbital stage, you either use Terrier (for light ships) or Nerv (for heavier ships). If you swap Wolfhound and Skiff stats, people would use Skiff for orbital stages and Wolfhound for second stage... which is exactly as we have now, but with model replaced... but it would make no sense from "building replicas" point of view.
  5. _stilgar_

    Rocket flipping changes

    Lots of drag at the bottom of the rocket should make a rocket very stable. Rocket should be heavy at the top and draggy at the bottom. Like a dart. So, if engines have more drag than they should, it makes rocket more stable, not less. Unless your rockets for some reason have engines at the top...
  6. Getting vacations for release day is most of the time the worst decision. Either the release is late or the game has bugs. Learned that the hard way with Sword of the Stars 2...
  7. _stilgar_

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Yes, you can make tanks as well
  8. If I was game developer/publisher that would be exactly how I would do it. Custom made giant red button (with a lock, so it won't get pushed accidentally), that triggers release on Steam and other services. You could do launch party and stream the giant button pushing. Oh, it could also trigger confetti!
  9. _stilgar_

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Have you considered playing with reduced money/science/rep rewards?
  10. _stilgar_

    when can i expect making history to release?

    Or Tomorrow if you live in Australia or Asia. Or maybe even Europe. That's why I like buying games from Paradox. They are in the same timezone (Central Europe) that I live.
  11. _stilgar_

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Science still has use even after tech tree is completed. You can convert it to money or, more importantly, reputation. And reputation is always nice. Just use Kerbnet in Biome mode, you can see all the places when many biomes meet.
  12. _stilgar_

    What’s the point of rovers?

    1. It's fun to drive on other planets and moons. 2. Sometimes when you land in an area when there are many biomes, it's easier to drive to them than to fly to them (and it doesn't use that much fuel) 3. Sometimes on rescue missions it may not be easy or possible to land near the survivors, so land when it's flat and send a bus for kerbals 4. Some new contracts require you to go to one location and when you get there you get "now get to that other location". Very easy with a rover, hard with a rocket.
  13. Well, it's not going to be released why America is still sleeping...
  14. _stilgar_

    Saitek X52 Pro input lag

    I have the same problem, X52-pro is virtually unplayable. I've also tried playing with simpler Saitek Cyborg Fly-5 and while it's a little better, it's still better to pilot things with keyboard. This is weird, because I remember I used Fly-5 in 2015 and it worked quite nice. Mad Catz bought Saitek and then they went bankrupt and sold Saitek to Logitech.