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  1. I have a problem with new version - every few minutes I get a message from surface experiments saying that they've added 0.005 science to my account. Warp for few hours and I get spammed with 50 such messages. Does anyone else get that "screen message" spam? Is there a way to turn it off?
  2. I can confirm, the problem is solved.
  3. Exactly. Even newly launched MPLs will process previously returned science to 0 data. You can argue that MPL gives you too much science, but right now it's not balanced. It just means that you should never return any science to Kerbin and instead process everything in MPLs. This bug effectively removes part of the game (either MPL science or returning science to Kerbin - and MPL science pays more, so it's not worth to return any experiment to Kerbin). If that was deliberate change, it wouldn't be balance, it would just be bad for gameplay.
  4. That's not it. I think it's a bug in a recent version. It's easy to reproduce. Make a crew report in Kerbin's orbit. MPL will show some data that can be gained by processing it. Send it home. Make crew report again. Now processing will yield 0 data.
  5. I have this bug in orbit, not on the surface.
  6. I've noticed that if I try to process data that has already been returned to Kerbin (but never before processed in MPL) I get 0 data from it. Can anyone confirm? Is it a bug? Before 1.7.1 there was a limit of one processing per MPL, but I'm quite sure I was able to process data that was previously returned to Kerbin.
  7. Does anyone knows if the rocks are finite or do they respawn?
  8. Thanks, finally found one. In case anyone else is wondering: to pick it up, you have to walk really close to it and right click on the Kerbal (not the rock). Also, the text you get when you pick it up is hilarious. And it appears that you don't need a storage container to bring one back. It is stored as other science experiments in capsules. I guess it's not big enough. I added the storage to my ship for nothing...
  9. I've just accepted a contract to bring back some Mun rocks. Landed in a crater... but I can't find any rocks to pick up. I only see standard "fake rocks". How rare are the rocks that can be picked up and how to find them?
  10. I didn't mean to imply that people watching tutorials play the game wrong I just thought that learning by trial and error was part of the fun. And the first time I actually managed to dock to my spacestation that I accidentally put in retrograde mun orbit... That was awesome.
  11. Depends of what you mean. It's very easy to start playing. Just put some parts together and launch. But to actually go somewhere and make stuff that works... that's hard. When I started playing, I didn't want to watch any tutorials or how tos. I didn't want to "cheat", like using a solution for RPG game. For me KSP was a puzzle. Took me 5 hours before I made my first orbit. Another 10 hours to get to the Mun. 20 hours to figure out how to randezvous and dock. So, after about 100 hours I finally could more or less do anything I wanted In that time most of the games are already over
  12. For me that link shows time in CEST timezone (Central Europe). EST is Central America.
  13. Are you a time traveler from the future? Google tells me that 13 EST is in 6 hours and 15 minutes...
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