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  1. I read on the main page that: Resilience of parts is a lot greater in KSP 1.1. ... so it it normal that a free fall from the orbit barely bends a bit the fuel tank? Planes crash into pieces but all parts are singularly intact. Is this what you all get at the moment? Or it might be a compatibility issue with other mods? (KIS? KAS?... I don't know...)
  2. Guys quick question, I know that it has already been answered somewhere in this thread but I can't really find the page. What mod/config file controls the darkness of night and day? I mean in space, on the dark side of planets.... Thanks in advance!
  3. Wooow!!! That helped a lot thanks mate!! Clear skies and high fps today at KSC, we are ready for launch!
  4. Proot! I hope this can help. I've done several experiments excluding one by one all the plugins/ shaders. It seems that the main culprit for the fps loss is cloudvolumeparticle.Shader and cloudshadow.Shader from EVE Excluding those I have an instant gain of 15fps, but clouds do not load. Other features have little or no impact on fps, not even textures surprisingly. The game is not slowing down if I use the original EVE file.
  5. Unfortunately also here I experienced the framerate dropping from 40 to 15-10 fps (i7-4700, 16 gb ram, ge force 850M) But... It really looks gorgeous even one frame at a time!!! The interesting thing is that the last version of EVE or scatterer work flawlessly if installed separately ... Must be the new textures or something else dropping down the framerate...
  6. My daily visit to check if there are updates under the Christmas tree... Merry Christmas to all Kerbonauts!!!!!
  7. [quote name='maseo']Well, i'll be happy to test out the HD and/or highest quality version you have. So far i've got a stable 64bit that will only crash as it hits the 8+ GB mark, so i should be fine... (playing on 1440p with everything to the max) :)[/QUOTE] I'm playing 64bit as well on Windows 10 no crashes, it seems quite stable.... However there are no upgradable buildings at the moment. Here it is explained how to start the game in 64bit if someone wants to try: [url]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/117224-Windows-64-bit-community-workaround[/url]
  8. That looks really amazing!!!! O_O ... does anyone know if there are mods in development that use particles to simulate moon dust? I would expect such effect when engines approach the surface!
  9. How I feel when Proot shows us what he is working on but it is not ready yet: I am a big fan of your work Proot!! I joined the forum today just to say thank you!!!!