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  1. Stranded in a Munar crater with the cockpit of his ship, miraculously-alive Val, and the debris field of Val's ship the Jeb-getter 1. The Jeb-getter 2 has had trouble finding a willing pilot, but that's not a problem because the KSC locked its safety department in the basement and uses all its paperwork as fuel in new engine tests as soon as it's signed, and so nobody will ever know anybody had to be kidnapped for the good of Kerbalkind.
  2. Misucat, is PlanetShine required for the pack to work? Or does it just look better that way?
  3. I went to Jool for the first time! Too bad I have no more delta-v and the three brave Kerbonauts will be ejected into an extremely eccentric and inclined orbit with an apoapsis of 200 million kilometers.
  4. KillAshley:"All of the planets are in individual folders, simply delete the ones you want and go for it. You may also want to look for the vanilla planet .cfg's as they change the stock orbits around." What should I do with the compatibility patches? I've got Kerbol Plus, but would I need the patch if nothing's getting rearranged? Also, how do you insert the quote box into a post? Edit: I tested it with nothing in the Planets or Rings folders except Arin-related things, and everything in the other folders there, and neither Arin nor the Kerbol Plus planets are there now. More edit: I tried sticking it into the KerbolPlus folder, changing the filepath names, and amazingly, Arin and Atell are there! Though Astid seems to have had a critical existence failure, and I don't have a clue why. Does this mean the game's likely to be unstable?
  5. Is there a way to delete some parts of the mod after downloading so I just get Arin and its moons added to my game when I open it, and none of the other bodies or moving of the stock planets? I think Arin looks amazing but I don't want to rearrange the rest of my system.
  6. This story is amazing! It's by far the best fanfic I've ever seen and it's even better than some books I've read recently. I haven't finished yet, I'm only up to "The Best Laid Plans," but I can't wait to keep going. I actually think I like the Kermol sections better, because they're a unique addition to the KSP universe we already know.
  7. What issue is this? I play on OS X and don't have problems other than having a scandalously low amount of RAM. Because of this I don't use the max textures, which might be related to why I don't have crashes. Also, while in orbit my computer often doesn't even load the texture resolution that I set, making it run faster. So, basically what KSK said, adjust the resolution settings and hope it gets fixed. If there's a bug that makes the game unusable for a lot of players I'm sure it's a high priority for Squad.
  8. I think they're siblings. So, bad. But Jeb x Marula is real love. And Val only has eyes for explosions.
  9. I made this yesterday in GIMP. The writing on the top is the official motto of all my space programs. I wish I could have figured out how to make it less pixelated, though.
  10. This mod looks awesome, I installed it! I'm waiting for the next transfer window for a mission to Sarvin. Do you have a list of Delta-V requirements to get to each planet or moon? I also want to try making a Delta-V map from it, if you have the numbers.