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  1. When attaching anything below the dragon heatshield, struts and fuel lines can no longer be placed. A big issue IMO.
  2. Current plan for Duna mission: 1. Design lander. 2. Design Transporter. 3. Design Refinery. 4. Design Miner. 5. Test the setup on Mun. 6. Refuel/relaunch. Already on step 5. Not looking good though.
  3. Today I'm planning a mission to Duna, so dune in on https://twitch.tv/tbarcello2 and help me with advice. DeltaV is an issue. Please do mention you're from the forum in chat.
  4. Today first thing in the stream - Mun landing.
  5. Coming back to KSP after years. This time in streaming format on twitch. Twitch: https://twitch.tv/tbarcello2 Stream videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLto8EutylQ4ZmU4AHje7lC11ucSp5y9jD
  6. This episode of my Let's Play KSP series shows a bit how it works. Look at 4:50.
  7. I'd say should be at 150-200k range the whole thing. Try Stage Recovery mod - it's really good.
  8. Ben, I'll say just one word - StageRecoveryModIsWhatYouNeedToSaveThemFunds.
  9. First voyage to Duna departure episode in my Let's Play KSP series. Preparations episode Sent 2 probes to scan surfaces of Duna and Ike, mothership with science lab and reusable lander/rover. Science data over 8000! Hope it helps.
  10. Refueling operations on surface episode by me. Around minute 23.
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