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  1. When attaching anything below the dragon heatshield, struts and fuel lines can no longer be placed. A big issue IMO.
  2. Current plan for Duna mission: 1. Design lander. 2. Design Transporter. 3. Design Refinery. 4. Design Miner. 5. Test the setup on Mun. 6. Refuel/relaunch. Already on step 5. Not looking good though.
  3. Today I'm planning a mission to Duna, so dune in on https://twitch.tv/tbarcello2 and help me with advice. DeltaV is an issue. Please do mention you're from the forum in chat.
  4. Today first thing in the stream - Mun landing.
  5. Coming back to KSP after years. This time in streaming format on twitch. Twitch: https://twitch.tv/tbarcello2 Stream videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLto8EutylQ4ZmU4AHje7lC11ucSp5y9jD
  6. This episode of my Let's Play KSP series shows a bit how it works. Look at 4:50.
  7. I'd say should be at 150-200k range the whole thing. Try Stage Recovery mod - it's really good.
  8. Ben, I'll say just one word - StageRecoveryModIsWhatYouNeedToSaveThemFunds.
  9. First voyage to Duna departure episode in my Let's Play KSP series. Preparations episode Sent 2 probes to scan surfaces of Duna and Ike, mothership with science lab and reusable lander/rover. Science data over 8000! Hope it helps.
  10. Refueling operations on surface episode by me. Around minute 23.
  11. Well, judging by your avatar you don't use heavy engines too much. :-) Radiators are far from exclusively for nukes. If they are for you, then good for you, but this inapplicable as general rule.
  12. I think the purpose of liquid fuel cells isn't powering octos. Imho. You can use mainsail to get to jool instead of using nukes, but that's not their intended purpose.
  13. Problem solving would take 24hours less than it did should you take 1 minute to post the damn screenshot.
  14. I think it can achieve 1g on the outer ring even when 22m, but it will be much faster spinning than 2rpm, which is not comfprtable for kerbals. Although one must wonder, if kerbals shorter than humans, how Coriolis effects them...?
  15. I've seen 12 kerbals and 14 kerbals requirement, but that was in March. Lately I also got 5 for station.
  16. If you showed us a screenshot, I guess, we would see coupled engines with decouplers on the ends and next stage after decouplers, which uses same kind of couplers you used to attach ebgines to, right?
  17. Don't forget to MAINTAIN STABILITY FOR 10 SECONDS! Forgot this one before - had to restart landing.