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  1. Just commented on your Github issue @eberkain, I think it would be great to have a fine-adjustable slider for reasons.
  2. Also here to say I would LOVE a fresh NRAP for 1.2.2! This is a very useful mod @stupid_chris, I have used it extensively in 1.1.3 to test maximum payloads for my fleet of Delta II, IV, Ariane, Soyuz and Falcon Launchers, and I hope to see it return!
  3. Stock parts trailers can be made very well using the structural fuselage (using only tweakscale)
  4. I don't know enough about the underlying mechanics of how the joint system works unfortunately, but I know Ferram has worked through a number of solutions for his mod to get to the point where it is now. As I recall reading the release notes and thread for KJR, he has recently redesigned how some types of joints are reinforced in his mod, so I don't know if a fix for this particular issue would be easy or not. I get that it's not easy (or something modders want to do) to chase down mod conflict issues. Regardless, I do enjoy what you are trying to achieve with the beta of KAS here, and I'm gonna play around with it for a bit and build some cool things! As for how you proceed, it's your mod and I think people appreciate the work that you are putting in to it.
  5. You're right @IgorZ, it was a mod conflict. It seems that the flexible joints are not compatible with @ferram4's Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. I had this suspicion, so I temporarily removed that mod for testing and sure enough, the joints move as expected now. Only issue is, I think quite a few people find KJR to be a necessary mod so this will probably have to be fixed one one of your ends. At least we know what the conflict is though.
  6. Great job on the latest update @AndyMt! GravityTurn is far and away my all time most preferred method of launching. I use it every time and it works great! I like the idea of using the 10x surface gravity value for the turn start. I have never tried using GT to lift off of another body yet but I will have to give it a go!
  7. I may be misinterpreting but does @olekopyto mean to say: is it possible to recycle a ship into rocket parts in SimpleConstruction? Falap
  8. Great mod @MatterBeam! Thanks for doing this! It fits perfectly with my stock parts game! (first time I've played without part mods but I am running over 50 Quality of Life and gameplay mods ) Falap
  9. Thanks for keeping up work on this mod @WaveFunctionP! I think I speak for a few people when I say that ForScience really makes career mode a whole lot more enjoyable. It's simple and to the point and that is how it should be. There are other mods out there that do something similar, maybe more, maybe less. This is the one I enjoy, and this is the one I use. Thanks buddy
  10. So, I'm having difficulty replicating @IgorZ's and @Space Scumbag's demos of towing videos. It seems all of my wheels (stock) are being autostrutted to the heaviest part of the (now linked) vessel, and my tow joint will not articulate. How do I overcome this? edit: I am actually having this rigid connection behavior even when the attached vessel (trailer) has no wheels. Odd indeed. (.071 patch) Thanks, Falap
  11. Hey CX! I love the work that you have put in to this mod, I am very much looking forward to the upcoming bits for my ISS replica! One question though, as I have read through the thread and it seems nobody has asked yet; If I understand correctly in real life two active APAS ports would have the ability to dock: (from APAS wiki page) I have not read anything that would suggest that the later APAS-89/95 are any different. please let me know if I am wrong, I would only want this if it would be possible IRL How would I go about making this possible without ruining the gendering you currently have? It is definitely correct that two permanently passive ports should not be able to dock as neither one has a latch mechanism. Thanks!
  12. It isn't that hard to actually launch your relay network on rocket(s)* *(I generally launch 3 relay satellites for the body in question on top of one rocket!) I would recommend trying the Precise Maneuver mod to help make your orbits and spacing quite precise. I use a MechJeb custom window for my game, and I include the orbital period in that window. This way, once I have calculated the spacing for my (usually 3 satellite) network based on the maximum range of my selected omni antenna, I can circularize the first sat at the calculated altitude and make note of it's orbital period. I always make the spacing (and therefore altitude) a little bit less than the omni range of the antenna, to account for minor spacing errors and make rendezvousing the other satellites to the correct spacing less of an exact science. I then proceed to plot a transfer orbit for the second satellite and using the target/intercept readout in the map view (set sat #1 as target) and Precise Maneuver to tweak the orbit, I can get very accurate spacing. Once I have spaced all my satellites accurately and with the same (as close as possible) orbital periods and verify that all is well, I actually close the game, open the persistent save file and copy the 1st vessel's SMA (semi-major axis) value to the other satellites in the network to eliminate the possibility of them drifting apart! Even after months or years of timewarping, the network is still perfectly spaced! I hope this helps you in some way when attempting a replacement for your broken relay! PS. I don't and have never used hyperedit in my game.
  13. How might I go about specifying the meshes to not be used? I can delete the entire WeldedMeshSwitch section because I don't need to be able to switch meshes on the part after it's welded. I still experience the visuals after doing this however.