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  1. Does this installation tutorial also work in 1.10.1?
  2. hi I'm using the mods RO / RP1 / RSS, and I get 2 errors related to the file: GameData / KerbalismConfig / Support / SXT.cfg, does anyone know how to solve?
  3. hi, i tried to install the mod in 1.10.1 and the game tells me that the mod is not copable, is there any way to make the mod compatible with 1.10.1?
  4. https://we.tl/t-8LbxTrkL1m :::::::: https://we.tl/t-mZ0TdCTtH9 ok then the first file is the player.log the second and the log file of the mod ExceptionDetectorUpdated, I hope they can be useful
  5. ok I managed to solve the fps bug by reinstalling all the mods, but now the problem is that the mod buttons do not appear in the gui since I have the game in 1.9 how can I do to solve?
  6. hi I am currently playing in 1.9.1 and I have encountered a problem, as soon as I load the Gojira and Ghidora module both in the assembly building and in the launch track the game goes to me at 9 fps and sometimes it blocks the whole computer, this is mine list mod. please help me because i can't get over this problem
  7. hi currently I play in 1.10 and I have 90 mods installed, the remote tech causes me a strong lowering of fps, then the mod exception detector signals me numerous error , do you know how to solve? I attach screen
  8. hi, currently playing in 1.9.1 I have installed both the mod and its dependencies, I use the Kopernicus Unified "Bleeding Edge" Branch for 1.9.1, unfortunately of the new planets only sarnus appears to me, ideas on how to solve?
  9. ah ok, i don't have any planet pack installed can you recommend any?
  10. ok I installed the mod successfully, but now I only see the stock planets is this normal?
  11. hi currently i play in 1.9.1, on ckan while i install the mod i get this conflict: , does anyone know how to fix? starting the game only with the kopernicus and that's it, I get this error
  12. hi i just installed the mod, how do i know it works, ie compared to the basic solar system the simple mod adds other planets?
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