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  1. I'm back! Sorry for the abscence. Can someone please update me on whats new in the NBC? Like battering rams and mass accelerators
  2. If you guys are doing a battle I suggest using the IRC channel #kspmilitia on esper IRC
  3. So me and Alphasus had a battle, 1 USS Core VS 2 Northwests, USS Core won but the last Northwest tanked three (I think) rams from the Core, according to Alphasus, the NW is a beast No screenies, sorry! Final Rating. USS Core 9/10 Northwest-Class 8/10 (Rating is decided by the party that doesn't own the ship being rated)
  4. So I took apart @panzer1b 's AKS SK-CRV-IVg2 and decided to recreate it's Tirepedos and put them on a new ship. The result is..... For once I actually tested it myself! It has about 159 parts with 2 Tirepedos, 2 Unguided I-Torps and 1 Unguided I-Torp that's pretty defective. I tested the Tirepedos on this ship, and it survived two of them, one from about 150m away and the other from over 300m away. A good amount of DV too. I call her the Northwest-Class Cruiser! (Is anyone actually getting these references? McGucket and Northwest XD) If anyone wants to have a look at her to pit her against their ships, the DL is here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/17v5h2sp2gm0sw3/Northwest-Class%20Cruiser.craft?dl=0
  5. It isn't on CKAN and the download on the website says it's for 1.1 Does it work for 1.1.2?
  6. Why yes, I did! I'm a bit butthurt about the clipping at the front and back but there's no way to avoid it that won't make the ship more vulnerable... Speaking of AKS weapons, please could you show me (PM or otherwise) your missile designs? I'm always really lacking in the firepower department because all I know is I-beam, tiny probe core, battery, decoupler and seperatrons.
  7. Nice, I made a new cruiser/corvette thing.
  8. I have some ideas and wanna hear you people's thoughts on them. Would a scout ship carrying scout drones (that scout enemy positions) be at all useful? On one hand it could check if an enemy is damaged and/or the amount of missiles it's used, but in the current way space battles work atm it would be useless. But what if it was in a DMP scenario? And what use would a crew carrier have?
  9. Ah, thanks. An RC cannon is like a Rocket Cannon, and ScriptKitt3h talks about them further up on page 15.
  10. So I use Open Broadcast Software for videos, and it doesn't work on alot of things. Monitor capture only makes the video move when I have the OBS tab open, Game capture doesn't work for KSP, and I can't use Monitor capture for it, and I'm not entirely sure that Window capture works either. It says high encoding on this stuff. I've tried raising the bitrate by loads but to no avail. What should I do to record KSP with OBS? Or what do you people use to record KSP?
  11. Anyone wanna test my latest ship? 35 Tons, this is the SAPON-01 Globe. download SAPON-01 Globe
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