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  1. Yeah, you got that pretty backwards. You pay for a working product. If it doesn't work properly, it should be fixed without extra charges. Having to pay for bug fixes is a ridiculous concept.
  2. Use the orthogonal 3-way horn and just add a Place Anywhere Linear RCS port for the fourth side.
  3. Yeah, I get that, but adding all those different models is going to make a mess of the part list. I'm not looking forward to having a dozen extremely similar looking, small thumbnails filling up that tab; it's one of the reasons I dislike using mods that add more RCS options, it becomes far too crowded.
  4. That would be a lot of extra parts in the part list though. Instead of 2 with 1 straight and 1 45 degrees with the variants being different nozzle counts, you'd have 10 parts with just 2 variants. It would make the parts list extremely crowded with two dozen very similar looking small parts when you also include the smaller size.
  5. The only one I want is a 3,75m capsule similar to Orion with capacity for 7 or so Kerbals so I can make a properly scaled stock SLS.
  6. Not really that miffed about this, but it does make me wonder how on Earth they were originally planning to release it in Spring 2020.
  7. Well, I'm kinda beginning to prefer companies not publishing a release date until a product is actually ready to be released. Or else we might get situations like with Cyberpunk 2077 where we get half a dozen release dates that can't be met.
  8. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either it's good looking graphics or a good running game, there really aren't any other options for you I'm afraid.
  9. I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get a bare variant of the new Poodle variant. That would have solved all my upper stage engine woes. Is there a possibility for this to be added in a future update?
  10. The new engine variant looks beautiful, but is it possible to also get a bare variant? It looks to good not to be clustered and it'd finally replace all the Cheetah's in my designs.
  11. Oh, I cannot wait to try out those new part variants and flags. They look awesome.
  12. Thanks! Here's the link to my new 3.75m version, it's a lot more detailed and accurate although probably out of scale with my other replicas https://kerbalx.com/Exhonor/Arianespace-Ariane-5-XL I'm still hoping that we'll get either a new upper stage engine or a texture variant of the Cheetah without the orange/brown ablative nozzle design. That's one thing I've really been missing in terms of engines.
  13. Something like this? https://imgur.com/a/CoSm0Xa
  14. Is there any chance that we could see the textures from these tanks be put onto some of the other sizes in the game? I'd love to have them for my 3.75m Ariane 5 replica https://imgur.com/a/CoSm0Xa
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