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  1. 1. KSP 2 is not even out so complaining about the price is incredibly silly. 2. $30 is INCREDIBLY fair for KSP and its DLC.
  2. Reading your FPS numbers makes me grateful that I don't game on a Macbook.
  3. Steam is a very reliable and well-established marketplace, so getting it there is not a bad idea, it also helps to keep all your games organized. 1.8 does perform a lot better than 1.7.3, so if you don’t have an amazing PC, I recommend you try 1.8 first and if that doesn’t work properly downgrade to 1.7.3. Good luck though, and I hope you have a ton of fun and learn something!
  4. You can choose which version of the game you want through the Steam properties (under the 'Betas' tab), all the way down to 1.0.5. You can always change it later.
  5. https://kerbalx.com/Exhonor/NASA-Space-Shuttle This is the most 'realistic' Space Shuttle replica I can build. Personally I think it looks pretty good.
  6. Have you already bought one? They are on sale right now, so you might have enough for both.
  7. Because I like everything I make to be completely Stock compatible with every install including DLC.
  8. I actually don't want them to make the Vector a 1.875m, because that would break a lot of my replica's since the Vector really is the only engine you can use for a lot of them whilst still making it look good.
  9. I have a realistic replica of the Space Shuttle. You just have to empty a lot of fuel from the 5m external tanks and reduce the thrust of the 3 Vectors.
  10. You're saying that for you to take it seriously, it has to be realistic. Which means the same as wanting everything to be realistic. Yet all you're doing is complaining how it isn't
  11. He's saying he doesn't hate every fantasy franchise, with the next sentence being he detests, which practically means the same as hate, every fantasy franchise he's seen. Unless you're being 100% literal, that's a contradiction. And if he's being 100% literal, than he's discussing in very bad faith.
  12. It was a question to you, because you apparently think everything has to be 'realistic' That's a contradiction. Nobody here is asking for that. Learn to read, they're asking to recreate the galaxy, as in, the planets and star systems. In fact, YOU were the person to bring up the vehicles and physics in the first place. You've still not given a reason why Hollywood should be realistic. It's a mod suggestion and it wouldn't be the first mod to not be realistic. You're extremely overreacting with a side of being very toxic towards an entertainment franchise. Learn to read usernames and not conflate comments made by different people. I never suggested anything from Star Wars to be added into KSP.
  13. Because every single Hollywood film needs to be 100% consistent, logical and correct according to real-world physics? Must be sad to hate every single fantasy franchise in existence.
  14. You do know that Star Wars is a fantasy franchise and not a science-fiction franchise? It doesn't try to be realistic and it doesn't need to be. That's like saying you dislike Harry Potter because it fails in representing going to a boarding school in the UK.