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  1. There is a patch for it, yes, and I'm under the impression that it's being updated.
  2. Hi, I've had some issues with Kerbalism/SSPXr/B9PartSwitch. Specifically, this issue: Module ModuleB9PartSwitch threw during OnLoad: B9PartSwitch.HandledFatalException: Fatal exception while attempting to load fields for B9PartSwitch.PartSubtype ---> System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: No tank type named 'Food' exists I've made a very temp patch that allows you to switch container types on the SSPXr containers and to stop B9 from throwing the exception and crashing your game.
  3. Hey! I went ahead and searched for 1.4 in this topic for you. In this post, Nertea writes that the mod will be updated. In this post, Nertea gives an update and estimates 1-2 weeks. Nertea later comments that he's rather busy at the moment, but that he's still working on an update. Literally on the same page as your post, he writes that it's nearly ready for release.
  5. I'm having some trouble with my FPS dropping. I built a 40-satellite (hey, why not) network in low Kerbin orbit, and it drags my FPS down to about half. There seems to be some collision with other mods as well - dropping it down even further to around 2-3. I'm trying to figure out which mod it is, but it's a painful process.... edit; The latter issue seems to be with ModularFlightIntegrator. Not sure what I'm using that for... hm. edit 2: I also have some issues with the links "flashing" in the tracking station. Gonna find out which one is causing that.
  6. I'm trying to write a patch for the upcoming Station Parts Expansion Redux. However, I'm not sure how to add support for the inflatable habitats. Here is one of the inflatable habs: the small, round habitat. Anyone got any pointers?
  7. A revamp of the Stockalike Station Parts Expansion. You can find it on GitHub. It's not released, so don't expect it to work and expect it to change and break.
  8. edit: Seems I broke the RemoteTech licence, I'll see if I can find alternative antennas. Hi! I've written an alternative patch for AntennaRange and OPM. To put it short, I've nerfed the KSC antennas and the Communotron 88-88 to their original state, and I've added two of the [sECRET] dishes and given them enough oomph to reach the outer planets. I did this because the original patch for OPM increased the range for KSC so much, you could go to Sarnus with the DTS. It seemed unbalanced. Also, I do think the bigger [sECRET] dishes look better than the Communotron 88-88. This is the current max range for the antennas: [TABLE] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD]Comm. 88[/TD] [TD][sECRET ANTENNA 1][/TD] [TD][sECRET ANTENNA 2][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSP L1[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #cfe2f3] Kerbin SOI[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #93c47d] Jool system[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #cfe2f3] Kerbin SOI[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSP L2[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #38761d] Jool[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #741b47] Neidon[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #38761d] Jool[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSP L3[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #dfaf8a] Sarnus[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #000000] Everywhere[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #1c4587] Urlum[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] The [sECRET ANTENNA 1]'s max distance is 1.4TM, but it's nominal distance is out to slightly beyond Urlum (297GM). Beyond this range, you will need to throttle down the dish bandwidth if you don't have an absurd amount of batteries, just like the probes at Saturn and Pluto have low bandwidths. Alternatively, you'll have to timewarp to keep EC generation up. The [sECRET ANTENNA 2] is cheaper and can reach out to Urlum, but it's really not very fast at that range (speeds drop beyond Jool). For fly-bys, if you want to run the same experiments twice, I suggest grabbing a mod with a science hard drive... Antennas from [sECRET]: [sECRET ANTENNA 1], [sECRET ANTENNA2] They are integrated in the Tech Tree and I'm pretty sure they have Community Tech Tree support. I've tested it, but I'll gladly listen to suggestions if you have any. Just drop this in GameData/OPM/ and replace the original file when asked to do so. <- this used to be a link, and will probably be a link again soon
  9. Well, given maxTransmitDistance = nominalRange * sqrt(maxPowerFactor) and MaxLinkDistance = sqrt(maxTransmitDistance1 * maxTransmitDistance2), this is what I get with the OPM patch, which modifies both the antenna and KSP3: ksp3MaxTransmitDistance = 6000000000000 * sqrt(8) = 16970562748477 c88maxTransmitDistance = 22500000000 * sqrt(16) = 90000000000 MaxLinkDistance = sqrt(16970562748477* 90000000000) = 1,235,860,286,344 and for the DTS (which is not modified in the patch) DTSmaxTransmitDistance = 3150000000 * sqrt(4) = 6300000000 MaxLinkDistance = sqrt(16970562748477* 6300000000) = 326,977,897,288 I think this throws off the balance a bit. Also, do you have any thoughts on the maxPowerFactor? edit: Am I doing this right? I'm also getting different values ingame. edit2: Are the range values in the config files the MaxLinkDistances, not the nominal distances for KSC? edit3: Seems like they are:
  10. I just realized after trying those again, sorry. Is there a fix? Sorry about deleting the post, I thought it didn't have a reply.
  11. Hi! I'm writing a patch for some antennas and I am trying to understand the balancing and the configuration variables you've used. nominalRange: Best range, up to this range, communications work perfectly fine at the default data rates (or higher?) maxPowerFactor: After the nominal range, the antenna tries to connect by "boosting" the signal, increasing the power demand and extending the range - when the packets cost more than this multiplier, the antenna is out of range. maxDataFactor: I don't understand this variable. So, as far as I understand, a C16 can reach another C16 up to 18K away, at max power. But if one antenna has a higher range, it can communicate with an antenna with a lower range (KSC3 to a C16 would be able to communicate in the entire Kerbin SOI). Now, specifically, I'm trying to balance this for the RemoteTech dishes and the Outer Planets Mod. In the config file you supplied for OPM, you increase the range of KSC3 to 6000GM. That gives me some strange results: [TABLE=width: 500] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD]Comm 16[/TD] [TD]DTS[/TD] [TD]Comm 88[/TD] [TD]Comm 88 (OPM)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSC1[/TD] [TD]201K (LKO)[/TD] [TD]119M (Kerbin SOI)[/TD] [TD]289M (Kerbin SOI+)[/TD] [TD]451M (Kerbin SOI++)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSC2[/TD] [TD]100M (Kerbin SOI)[/TD] [TD]59G (Duna)[/TD] [TD]144G (Eeloo)[/TD] [TD]225G (Sarnus)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSC3[/TD] [TD]319M (Kerbin SOI+)[/TD] [TD]188G (Sarnus)[/TD] [TD]457G (Neidon)[/TD] [TD]713G (Plock)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]KSC3 (OPM)[/TD] [TD]522M (Kerbin SOI++)[/TD] [TD]327G (Urlum, way past original Eeloo)[/TD] [TD]792G (Plock and beyond)[/TD] [TD]1235G (Everywhere)[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] So my first question is: What's the intended scaling here? Should one or more of these variables be reduced? Should the C88 be modified, but KSC not? It seems strange for the DTS to be usable all the way to Urlum. Second question, what's the intention of the maxPower value? What determines what has a high maxPower while others have a low maxPower? Deep space antennas, should they have a high value? Low? Thanks
  12. Oh, I think you misunderstood - I'm not looking for that specific design, I linked it as an example of a hollow cargo bay.