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  1. Is there an option for free rotation? (aka, parts being allowed to spin freely, stock trailer hitches and rotors for example)
  2. I gotta ask out of curiosity, if I have two rovers, can I set one to autpilot, then drive alongside it with the other rover?
  3. Just have to say, I've seen you everywhere as of late, and it's great to see the modding slack picked up, but I have to look at you and wonder "Who the heck is this guy? Where did he come from and how does he do it all?" Lol. Anywho, keep up the good work. You seem pretty ambitious and I find that cool. :cool:

  4. @linuxgurugamer I'll gladly test the testflight mod, though I'll be using it in a modded career save. So expect me to break things.
  5. Can I blow up the Mun and turn it into an asteroid belt?

  6. In case anyone is confused, Macross is it's own series of mecha anime. Macross is cooler cause the battles often have awesome songs to go with them. Also, Variable Fighters are way cooler. And dude, those planes rock. If only variable fighters were real. A number of anime have them. Now just make a kerbal sized one like in Infinite Stratos (minus all the ecchi that destroyed that series)
  7. I too agree with Errol. Perhaps even add a few units of 'spare parts' storage to kerbals with the 'Engineer" role? kinda like how we have eva propellant (one mod changes this to monoprop)
  8. Will you guys be supporting 64x in unity 5 now? or still gonna hold off on that?
  9. @pjf and whoever else is working on this. I had an idea that resurfaced again. I like to go back and forth between modded and stock when playing ksp, and usually I do this by keeping backups of the game folder, swapping them out when I want to play stock, or a specific combo of mods. However this is really time consuming (has taken up to 2 hours to move folder out and in), so I thought of this. What about having a profiler tab so that you can create, select and edit a profile, and load a profile. You could name it, select and manage the mods for that one, then load it. if the mods are alr
  10. You can use kethane, Karbonite, and any other mining or resourse spotting mod (SCANsat and Stockalike Mining Expansion are my favs) But other than that you dont need them. Like he said, stock works perfectly fine. There's even a plugin that moves the functionality to stock parts. So go knock yourself out. Thanks for the help man. Love your avatar. Will keep building ships away from home. (gonna use USI cause Roverdude is awesome too)
  11. @taniwha Just curious, but are there any texture packs/reworks to make the parts more stock-alike? I like the mod, but the parts stand out like a sore thumb a bit. (haven't used the new release yet though, I'm unaware if they got re-textured.)
  12. As a lover of Aerostatic Beasts, may I ask why?
  13. Fire Suppressant = The stuff inside Fire Extinguishers. Fire extinguisher is the household name. Suppressant is the technical name as it cannot always extinguish a fire, but will suppress it to a degree. And yes, having a FSS installed in cockpits is a great idea. Perhaps using Interstellar Fuel Switch, keeping it optional and not adding to cockpit mass? (Monopropellant; Mono + FireSuppressant; Fire suppressant)
  14. There is an issue with the service bay with mesh switches. you can adjust the Fuel Switch independently of the mesh switch. I feel the option to change the fuel should be hidden, since the mesh switch already does so.
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