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  1. OK I managed to sort out the colossal mess this mod's dependencies have devolved into, and got this thing to load in KSP 1.12.3. For the benefit of anyone else trying to figure it out, here's what worked for me: UbioWeldContinuum- https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/UbioWeldContinuum/releases/tag/RELEASE%2F2.6.0.8 KSPAPIExtensions- (Lisias' custom build "/L") https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/KSPAPIExtensions/releases/tag/RELEASE%2F2.3.0.4 ModuleManager- (Lisias' custom build) https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/ModuleManager/releases/tag/RELEASE%2F4.2.1.1 ClickThroughBlocker-1.12.0- https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/ClickThroughBlocker/releases/tag/ ToolbarControl-1.12.0- https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/ToolbarControl/releases/tag/ I tried the more recent KSP API Extensions /L and ModuleManager but they produced an error which prevented KSP from loading (which I unfortunately neglected to screenshot). It was a fresh installation of the game and UbioZur Welding was the only mod I added (plus its dependancies). Thanks to Lisias and others for their efforts to keep this great mod held together. I hope someone tackles overhauling the codebase to work more seamlessly with the most recent versions of KSP and adds support for part variations. I'd be happy to make a substantial donation toward that end (PM me if interested and be patient if I'm slow to reply). Here's the result of a simple weld. I haven't conducted any more thorough testing at this point.
  2. I haven't been around here for a few versions. Working on updating my game to 1.12.3. Could someone tell me what the latest buzz is with the welding mod? Is the "Continued" one in this thread still the correct version to use? What are the issues when trying to plunk it into 1.12.x? Is there some kind of workaround with an earlier or custom version of ModuleManager? Also what does "KSPe 2.4 series" refer to? KSPAPIExtensions? Edit: @Lisias the links on your https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/UbioWeldContinuum/ page (e.g. Latest Release, Binaries, etc) are broken and need updating from UbioWeldingLtd --> UbioWeldContinuum.
  3. I just tried Missions for the first time. When I got to the second Dawn of the Space Age one, i.e. build a sounding rocket that has to go to 48,000 km or whatever for a temperature reading, I found I'm missing the Swivel engine as well. Very frustrating. The workaround was to enable Advanced Mode (right arrow on the top left), then Filter by Tech Level, then pick 2, as described here.
  4. Haven't tried it yet - could you elaborate?
  5. Yes, it's bittersweet, but I for one welcome the news! I've kind of wound up staying away from Kerbal lately because of how much work it takes to keep it and all my mods up to date, without losing my many tweaks and customizations (to both the base game and the mods). I'm hopeful with the game reaching a destination I'll get to spend more time playing and less time maintaining. And I'm sure there will still be one or two more minor bugfix releases.
  6. Thanks. For what it's worth I don't remember it happening a few years ago (many versions back).
  7. Anyone else notice stuff like this happening around the KSC? The seam is subtle, you might need to click the photo and zoom in. Here it is from a more exaggerated angle:
  8. One of the reasons I stopped playing KSP was because of how long it took to switch scenes. Experimenting with changes to my spacecraft became a tedious slog through the wait screen on every iteration. Even 10-15 seconds interrupts your flow, momentum and fun. I hope KSP 2 aims for instantaneous scene switching and less disruption to the fun!
  9. Hey folks, I've been away for a long time. Got the latest KSP and CKAN, and was surprised Chatterer is not listed as compatible. Is there a good reason? I would have thought it's one of the most popular mods, that's why I'm surprised. I notice under versions it says 1.8-1.9.99. I think 1.9.99 was used by dev's to indicate all future 1.9.x versions going forward, and am guessing nobody anticipated there'd be a 1.10?
  10. Saw this in an ISS tour video and thought you guys would get a kick out of it. So Kerbal. (Sorry if someone already posted it)
  11. Very nice! After you reached orbit I was all like "There's a lot more rockety things going on there than helicoptery..." then I saw the aerobatics on Laythe and was impressed. Brilliant way to make rails to guide the planes out of their hangar bays. How did you accomplish the bay elevator, though?
  12. What are folks using these days for a parachute calculation tool? I really liked the one that used to be at http://ksp.freeiz.com/ That site's down and the latest I found on WayBackMachine is from Dec 2016 (later snapshots are broken) https://web.archive.org/web/20161225235749/http://ksp.freeiz.com/ IIRC I think RealChutes does calculations as well. Any other good ones out there?
  13. @sarbian Thanks for those informative captures. Could you confirm removing UnityEngine.Analytics.dll prevents any sort of call-home activity? I'd prefer just doing that than managing yet another firewall rule. (Also I do have some mods that like to access other non cloud.unity3d.com sites)
  14. @klgraham1013 Sorry, I missed the extent of this until a friend pointed me to that Twitter post. Care to link that other discussion?
  15. Sorry TakeTwo / Squad, your draconian new terms are unacceptable. I am NOT comfortable with you sharing my email address, phone number, photo, mailing address, geolocation, payment information, birthday, hardware configuration, software products played, survey data, purchases and IP address with your licensor, affiliates, vendors, business partners, government authorities or other third parties. I'm not the only one who thinks so: Community, I urge you to kick up a storm and not let the evil lawyers get away with this nonsense! https://steamcommunity.com/id/tieio/recommended/220200/
  16. Happens even without landing gear, just plain old strut legs. My Minmus craft in my savegame is unusable :-(. Also happening on exit from timewarp. I can't figure out how to upvote the bugtracker. Turning off physics easing ("ease in gravity") doesn't help.
  17. Here you go. Let me know if you have any questions: https://tinyurl.com/buildincrement
  18. @HerrCrazi No problem. I understand we might get differing results due to different versions, but comparing them might still be revealing :-).
  19. Agree 100% with Greystripe3. That said, looking forward to that new-fangled version :-)
  20. Also while I'm here, seems like the Conics Mode and Conics samples buttons don't immediately do anything anymore?
  21. Hey is there a reason the Orbit buttons aren't consolidated into a single "± button" in the same manner all the other increment/decrement buttons work? i.e. So you can left-click to go one direction and right-click for the other? I keep trying to do that because of muscle memory from the other buttons, and today it occurred to me it might be handy if it worked that way. If it's too hard to consolidate the buttons themselves, you could just implement the right-click behavior on both. (EDIT: I'd be willing to take a stab at coding it if you're willing to adopt this feature suggestion. Please tag or quote me so I get your response.)
  22. @Galileo Thanks for gallantly picking up this mod! I did a quick code-compare to my baseline from when I did the last round of fixes for KSP<=1.1.3 and 1.2.x. Noticed a couple minor things and had some questions / comments: Is the double "Continued" in string big_rattles = "ShipEffectsContinuedContinued/Sounds/big_rattles"; intentional? I'm concerned that prevents the rattles sound from being played? Nifty new sounds! Did you swap them out due to any sort of copyright concerns etc, or did you just want to spice things up a bit with clips you liked better? The original vibrations.wav had a left--right panning in it, any reason you didn't carry forward the panning effect? Didn't like it, or didn't notice it? It would be awesome if the AssemblyVersion attribute in AssemblyInfo.cs could be maintained. I know this is a nitpick and a lot of modders don't do this. But for us Windows users at least, it helps when we want to quickly (and definitively) check which version of the DLL is present (without risk of relying on a potentially-mismatched, seperate .version textfile). If the suggestion catches your interest, I'm happy to provide source code and binary for a very simple one-liner EXE which can do this automatically every time you hit the Visual Studio build button. Might be nice to credit CoriW (and even myself if you're feeling generous!) somewhere in the readme, buried in the changelog, wherever, for the work he did maintaining this in the past. (No biggie on my part; I didn't do much except a few recompiles and some CKAN mangement) ps. For others curious, further audio changes I noticed include: Made atmosphere sound quieter and less pronounced (and less windy - though personally I miss the wind); new big_rattles wav (sounds "less like a roller coaster going up an incline" and "more like a mix of billiard balls and big metal plate wobbling"; split up dock and undock into separate clips; new rumble sound ("less like a campfire"); new small_rattles ("more rattly; less like typewriter"); tweaked thump_low. CFG defaults tweaked to make thump volume louder, stress volume quieter, and ResistMultiplier increased by 75% to ease effects in earlier. To be clear I'm not criticizing at all - quite the contrary, I'm grateful somebody went ahead and took over this awesome mod!
  23. Might be nice if CKAN recognized this error and gave you a "Download it anyway, I know what I'm doing" option. Or had a switch to ignore SSL errors.
  24. @Ruedii Sorry to hear, hope you can solve it. My own issues are due to the spacedock.info cert expiring.
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