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  1. Well this is an update to this thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130283-Catch-of-the-century-Class-E-asteroid-with-90-Ore Basically i captured my first asteroid and it is a literal goldmine! After 2 days of kerbin capture/ orbit fine tuning with 3 mammoth engines and 5 separately docked rcs nodes, I have finally stabilized kerbin's third moon XD .
  2. Yep i already have 5 more Klaw +isru + Ore tanks+ Fuel tank+Mammoth engine asteroid landers launched, and they are all due to land on E87 in a couple of days. My end game is to use it as a interplanetary space station! - - - Updated - - - why hop when u got one E class asteriod thats equal to a lot of A? - - - Updated - - - yep at the kerbin encounter in 63 days i will fire retro grade with 6 mammoth engines to create the third moon of kerbin! - - - Updated - - - have a look at this... http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130275-Minimus-Ore-Drilling-high-Concentration-location%21
  3. Well now i can safely say i dont need to setup ore stations when i can just build a space station out of this asteroid XD Also i have two more asteroids on a kerbin encounter course in 60-90 days, so maybe i ll build my own ring !
  4. Ya in fact i parked my Beast/Base on the edge of the flats, there is a lot more room to land/develop!
  5. Yep in fact on the orbital scanner the only two high deposits are in the two big flats haha i choose the top one cuz its close to the equator. Also i was thinking why is it that the black line in the narrow band Scanner have such high ore concentrations, could it be because its where two biomes meet? or maybe an asteroid crashed down here who knows.
  6. Well with that kinda of ore concentration on Minmus looks i am starting a ore mining/refinery base here after all XD!
  7. Thanks bud didn't know there was a section for that
  8. Yep 100% stock rail gun with rotating magazine XD - - - Updated - - - Well im in the process of incorporating it on to my mk 2 spaceship - - - Updated - - - Maybe it could go in spaceship exchange instead?
  9. Hear hear, did you know I have never played the tutorials or went further than the mun orbit? my passion is design and when my designs take off then one day I will try for the stars
  10. Hey sarge I sort of found a workaround with the single craft two parts problem, basically i designed a contraption that docks a bearing after a set rotation distance, combine the two parts into one body temporarily more here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/129765-Prototype-Beast-Rail-Gun-Destroyers?p=2101894#post2101894
  11. Glad you will try my creation and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did! originally I used SRB bullets made from a flea and a nose cap, but I find the hassle of switching back and forth between the main vessel and the drum magazine too tedious so I set on the Klaw docking procedure and now here we are! It's still a prototype tho and I only started KSP recently so any help from the master is appreciated, maybe we can combine our ideas to create something more?
  12. Hi fellow kerbonauts! After a few days of experimenting, I have finally completed the prototype chassis of my Rail Gun 6! So far the features are : Automatic Reload via Revolver style drum magazine! Reloadable cartridges!(by docking new cartridges) --- Press 6 to undock Super acceleration curtsey of 6 Skipper engines as main accelerator. Usage: Press Z (To maximize Thrust (and destruction)) Gotta Press Z after every shot! Press 1(Toggles Main Engines) If main engines are on, hit space to shoot!(Total of 5 shots) Press 2 to reload, then Press X to .... the next shot. (may take a few tries as the Klaw has to grab the next shot) IMPORTANT!:When the ion engine lights up, and the thrust goes to zero, it means the next shot is ready, otherwise keep pressing 2 and X! 1st Stage is Engines, 2nd Stage is first shot, 3rd is Drum rotation, then stage 4 onwards are all shots! Don't forget to press 2 to reload after every shot! Download links: 666Rail Gun (Base Model and best looking): https://www.dropbox.com/s/qjha5fbm0kmugkb/666RailGun.craft?dl=0 666Rail Gun Super(More power more accuracy more Beast) :https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgx3ll1qql2ghnf/666RailGunSuper.craft?dl=0 Auto reloading after every shot via docking (with a Klaw or docking ports?) ---Complete! Mount Rail Gun 6 on to a modified tank turret base allowing 360 rotation and pitch control!---Turret Base obtained, to be mounted. Rail gun based spaceship--- Stay tuned here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/129308-HyperBeast-Spaceplane-%28VTOL-SSTO-and-more%21%29?p=2094889#post2094889 Things to work on: Better Accuracy, faster and more reliable reloading, Find a way to fire the last shot? Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone wants to help me on this project then please modify to your heart's content! This is only the first prototype, so there is a lot of stuff to fix.
  13. Yep originally I made one with only one set of wheels but even though it is more compact, if you put anything on the other end then the whole bearing will shift and wobble. In the end I decided on three sets as the absolute minimum for a smooth and strong experience. Of course you can add more sets of wheels to obtain an even studier one. yep I kinda get the idea from a ship that had your turbofans, I dissembled the whole engine and figured out ways to improve it. Btw for wheel alignment if you look at the fairing from the side into where it splits, you can see the depth of the fairing it self, so all you have to do is offset the wheels so they are barely touching the inner ring of the fairings - - - Updated - - - Thanks man glad you enjoy it! If there is anything I can improve please don't hesitate to ask! Currently I am adding turbofan capabilities to it so it spins automatically as soon as it detaches
  14. Hey man you are the one that got me into making bearings and stuff glad to hear from one of the greats! Btw how does yours work? My idea is for it to automatically dock after every shot so the bearing becomes part of the ship again.
  15. Hi fellow kerbonauts, For the past few days I experimented upon various bearing designs for my upcoming Rail Gun 6's Revolver Type Cartridge. After many trial and error tests, I have finally perfected the strongest, most compact and most efficient bearing ever made! 1. press space to undock 2. then press '[' or ']' to cycle to the bearing, 3. Control rotation by pressing the keys 'e' or 'q' to spin the bearing! Craft file:https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8yt9it055weoqk/FB2.craft?dl=0 Subassembly:https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4vxg5yih7q02vc/Fairing%20Bearing.craft?dl=0