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  1. Ever since I updated 1.5 my large craft freeze for a few seconds every time a part is added. CPU sits around 40% while in use and shows no spike when the freezing happens. I believe it is due to the high part count but I never had this problem in older version. Any help? Edit: I have a completely vanilla install.
  2. I'm not sure if its a bug or what, but when I go to dock my space craft with my space station both of them rotate prior to docking and I can't stop them. EDIT: It seems toggling toque stops the problem.
  3. Hey guys I've been trying to add ground relay station, but they don't show up. Here is an example one: { STATION { Guid = 5105f5a9-d628-41c6-ad4b-21154e8fc489 Name = JC Relay Station Latitude = -0.131331503391266 Longitude = -150.594841003418 Height = 1000 Body = 1 MarkColor = 0.996078,0,0,1 Antennas { ANTENNA { UpgradeableOmni = 4E+06;3.0E+07;7.5E+07 D
  4. Hey guys, this is my space shuttle ''Aquarius '', named after the Apollo 13 LEM. STS-1 Test out Aquarius. Goals Launch, complete 5 orbits, open cargo bay, close cargo bay, return and land at KSC. I have many mods installed, but me shuttle is completely stock bar an APAS docking port from the CXaerospace mod. Mission Outcome Success!
  5. Yes, I saw EJ had the same problem last night but as I'm a 'noob' so to speak with code I'm not sure how he fixed it. EDIT: It seems that it is a chance bug as I have been getting it and then it's fine, so fingers crossed something can be done.
  6. No, I can't switch between them. They are acting like 1 vesicle.
  7. Hey, I'm having a weird buy were I click undock on apas, and they won't undock and I can't see anything in alt-f2. Anyone having the same problem or know how to fix it?
  8. Hi, I'm new to this mod and I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but these are the only ribbos that appear for me
  9. I've been wanting to use an arm on my station for a while but this happens every time i get it on to the station.
  10. I've been wanting to have an arm on my station for a while now but every time I get it up there this happens!
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