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  1. Ever since I updated 1.5 my large craft freeze for a few seconds every time a part is added. CPU sits around 40% while in use and shows no spike when the freezing happens. I believe it is due to the high part count but I never had this problem in older version. Any help? Edit: I have a completely vanilla install.
  2. I'm not sure if its a bug or what, but when I go to dock my space craft with my space station both of them rotate prior to docking and I can't stop them. EDIT: It seems toggling toque stops the problem.
  3. Hey guys I've been trying to add ground relay station, but they don't show up. Here is an example one: { STATION { Guid = 5105f5a9-d628-41c6-ad4b-21154e8fc489 Name = JC Relay Station Latitude = -0.131331503391266 Longitude = -150.594841003418 Height = 1000 Body = 1 MarkColor = 0.996078,0,0,1 Antennas { ANTENNA { UpgradeableOmni = 4E+06;3.0E+07;7.5E+07 Dish = 0 CosAngle = 1 } } } } }
  4. Hey guys, this is my space shuttle ''Aquarius '', named after the Apollo 13 LEM. STS-1 Test out Aquarius. Goals Launch, complete 5 orbits, open cargo bay, close cargo bay, return and land at KSC. I have many mods installed, but me shuttle is completely stock bar an APAS docking port from the CXaerospace mod. Mission Outcome Success!
  5. Yes, I saw EJ had the same problem last night but as I'm a 'noob' so to speak with code I'm not sure how he fixed it. EDIT: It seems that it is a chance bug as I have been getting it and then it's fine, so fingers crossed something can be done.
  6. No, I can't switch between them. They are acting like 1 vesicle.
  7. Hey, I'm having a weird buy were I click undock on apas, and they won't undock and I can't see anything in alt-f2. Anyone having the same problem or know how to fix it?
  8. Hi, I'm new to this mod and I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but these are the only ribbos that appear for me
  9. I've been wanting to use an arm on my station for a while but this happens every time i get it on to the station.
  10. I've been wanting to have an arm on my station for a while now but every time I get it up there this happens!
  11. I love the mun and minmus textures, but ksprc just lags my game . Is there a way to take the textures out and put them into something like texture replacer?
  12. Khronicle Of Kerbin Chapter 1 With the facilities built, the testing done it the time for the ‘New Kerbin Space Program’ was ready for its first flight. The first vehicle to be launched is called ‘Origin Multi-Purpose Launcher’ or ‘The Origin Launcher’. This rocket consists of 2 stages. The first consists of 4 strap on boosters and a center booster. The 4 boosters feed fuel into the center booster so at separation the center booster has full fuel giving the rocket enhanced power and payload capabilities. The vehicle has 5 LV-T30 and 4 MK 55 engines on the 1st, and a single LV-T45 on the 2nd stage. This vehicle takes about 3 and a half minutes to make it into a 150 X 150 orbit. Speaking of orbits, this vehicle has a max payload capacity into a stable orbit of 3 and a half tons. Origin Mission 1 Mission Name: Origin TF 1 Mission Type: First all up test flight of the ‘Origin Launcher’ Mission Description: Send a 3-ton mass simulator into a 150 X 150 equatorial orbit. Liftoff Post Booster Separation Vehicle In Orbit Mission Time: 3Hr 43Min Mission Outcome: Complete success. The 2nd stage and payload were de-orbited and lost connection with the vehicle 3Hr 43Min after launch. With the flawless test mission, the next mission with slated for 2 weeks later. This time the payload would be a 2 and a half ton scanner with would go into a 150 X 150 polar orbit for 15 – 20 days and would be boosted up by on board prolusion in to a 750 X 750 orbit were it will remain for the rest of its lifetime. Origin Mission 2 Mission Name: Kerbin Scanner 1 Mission Type: Unmanned, Polar Orbit Satellite Mission Duration: On going. Night launch Booster Separation Scanner release *Note the broken solar panel. Scanner deployment Mission Outcome: Successful. With that mission on going, and the launcher tested it was time for the first manned flight. But, that’s all for now! Kram45.
  13. Hi guys, just added far into the game and I see that my PE is dropping by about 1 meter every 3 seconds and I'm just wondering if this is intentional or if it is a stock bug?
  14. Great thanks, downloading it now will give you my feedback later. Thanks!
  15. Is anyone having landing gear (not sure about wheels) problems where as soon as the gear touches the surface the whole vessel blows up?
  16. My apologies I haven't seen the topic for a while and jumped the gun before reading into it more
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