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  1. Whoaa... Had so much fun with this challenge! I thought IVA/Hud/Map/Any readings was prohibited so that's why i did it in normal flight mode with very minimalistic 1.25m mk1 rocket. Just like some others said already, getting space is pretty easy but circularization burn without sending Jeb all the way up to Mun took some practice For my biggest surprise i noticed how accurate you can go for polar orbits just eyeballing your path. I did this + couple test flights before and all ended up +/- ~0.5° from 90°inclination. Ps. Camera flip to Orbital Mode is your best friend up there 4:13 Achieving Polar Orbit
  2. 2,5m Service Bay which can hold 6 canned tun... kerbs. Capable for powered landings from LKO, but decided to install some parachutes also just because of safety reasons
  3. Goosh im going little bit slow today it seems... i just noticed it myself too i was missing KRE Thanks damonvv!
  4. Horraay Tundra Exploration is back! I tried to load couple of stock ships but it seems F9Legs & gridfin is missing from 0.9 release. Did i just tried to load some really old school ships here? Edit: Nothing to see here and ignore this. I was just in slow mode and missing KRE
  5. Have a golden star also! Now when i had time to test it little bit more it's actually doing it just like you said. Couple of seconds spams and then it's gone. i was getting some constant spams before but it was with my modded install so it was maybe this mod + some another doing it all the time. No need for separate quick fix release since i can handle this spam and if i dont then i just use older version temporarily Thanks for taking look of this issue and have a nice day! Edit: Also one improvement came in to my mind before and already mentioned in page3 from Luovahulluus who said that "It would be nice if the window had a button for closing it in the upper corner." I definitely second this if its not big task to do. Would be awesome small feature
  6. Gotta love this mod. Easy to use but still so powerfull tool with nice UI. Very many thanks to Mr. HebaruSan! I just installed latest v.0.6.0 and got under heavy NullRef spam which i hadn't with previous version. Also haven't yet had time try with clean install but i will and can provide full log if needed. Anyways spam im getting looks like this: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Astrogator.KerbalTools.Landed (ITargetable t) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Astrogator.AstrogationModel.get_notOrbiting () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Astrogator.Astrogator.Orpoodleanged () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Astrogator.Astrogator.FixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) Edit: Still spamming with clean install. Starts immediately after loading craft to launchpad. Full log just in case: https://mega.nz/#!vRBXxKaY!ZP23_ybX4-GGmImpdwEwl3IGoDtGlifHoHBZErkKlZc
  7. It might be also wrong version or something else going on in that case, as i didn't except it was CKAN install. i have not had any issues using latest PersistentRotation with KSP 1.2.2 though. If it turns out CKAN related issue hope someone else can help you better than i do or try directly from CKAN thread
  8. @Caelus5 I used to have this issue myself and was caused by myself having wrong installation structure. Check your GameData/PersistentRotation folder and if there is another GameData/PeristentRotation folder in it you should take that back to Game/Data folder and end up something like this: KSP Install Folder/GameData/PersistentRotation/ having Plugins & Textures folder in it. Sorry if explained somewhat complex but hope you get it work! anyways if you see something like Source, GameData, .git etc. folders in that PersistentRotation Folder you're definitely having wrong installation structure
  9. that fix dropped for sure faster than light... warp drive wizard hyperedit kraken lord i say. anyways i need to count on other guys with this problem untill monday. Thanks for fast answer/potential fix and thanks for all your mod updates laters!
  10. I also did a bit testing today with latest "log spam fix" version and log spam is definitely gone, but also in my case modded install dropping from solid >60fps ~25fps. Then i tried again with fresh install only with this mod and tried both 32/64bit and couldn't control any stock planes on runway at all. It was just like total "input lock" or something. I'm sorry but i can't provide more information/logs today since i already left from home and i'll be back in business on monday. Just wanted to confirm/comment i have also similar problems with mod as evileye.x. So in this current state this is pretty useless report tbh. If still need logs after weekend or more tinkering later i would be happy to provide some more help when i could
  11. I took new check with abcd lottery and still going to bet D. I really do like how all those smaller warning lights and smaller SAS/Light etc. buttons is arranged on top. Also seems that most of instruments and meters is aligned and maybe would be nice if airspeed,altitude,throttle maybe aoa things like that clustered together and then all not so important or maybe smaller instruments down there in their own cluster.. Thats only my thoughts! Sorry took some time to response i was playing around with planes & messing around with Photoshop & Flag Decals.. now its time for me to go. laters everyone! Falcon cockpit here would definitely use some nice props too!
  12. Thats actually makes lot of sense since its pretty visually open view pod. Good to know also this there is not much can do about reading instruments and also thats no sense to make MFD more legible for such sacrifice. Anyways this IVA freak already waiting all new glorious IVA's and especially new ASET Stuff! Airplane Plus easily the best and must have airplane/copter part mod out. Edit: Hard decision but if need pick one i would like to give my vote for something like D
  13. theonegalen literally took same words i was going to say about it If possible to make those props look/render as good as possible while zoomed out a bit would be awesome. I'm also more plane pilot myself and all of them looks really nice imho. Personally i would like to see those SAS control props included and also if possible even better if monitors as centered as possible even though it might be hard to align so many props and monitors to one little pretty open view pod! Admirable work all of you guys #neverstop
  14. Ohh yess this was changed already in 1.2.1 so i think thats why it's not mentioned in 1.2.2 patchnotes anymore. Also for me it's been standard custom setting so long that i forgot this is stock too " * Change default eva light binding to not clash with translate left. "
  15. We don't really celebrate thanksgiving here in Finland like we should imo, but i would like to wish happy thanksgiving for everyone who does! :)

  16. Congrats for new modlet release and happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrate such thing today! Haven't tested it yet but i'm sure it's fantastic and going to be essential for me like all other modlets already do. If you ever going to implement separate gizmo or if this would be possible to do with current state of this modlet... i would like to suggest sensitivity slider or any other way to change/set sensitivity of gizmo like its done for example with Precise Manouver Editor. Cant speak on behalf of another but i've found it pretty useful to set at least lower sensitivities than it is with stock gizmo. Anyways take this only for suggestion and this was pretty much only feature i'm going to miss compared with some other manouver node editing mods. Going to add "Evolved" right now along with other modlets and give it ago!
  17. Yeah it should be possible at least if just replacing already existing sound files. I'm not sure about adding new sound pack folder though. Sound files is .ogg format and you can locate them in GameData/LaunchCountDown/Sounds. Just replace sound files in either Apollo or Kerbalized pack with you own .ogg sound files.
  18. Holy smokes that was way faster than i excpected, i was gone like couple hours and you already solved/fixed it! Thank you very much... cool now we can enjoy RSB also in stock sized game!
  19. Hey NecroBones! I have both Real Scale Boosters + Stockalike installed. It seems that stockalike (stock) ships is broken or then i'm doing something wrong myself. Everytime when i click open ship button in VAB i'm getting this. Any help would be appreciated and i can send full logs if needed. Thanks! Edit: Btw versions i'm using is RSB-0.15 & RSBStockalike-0.3
  20. HangarExtender could come in really handy with this monster. Models & SpaceX style glossy textures looks gorgerous in pictures Kartoffelkuchen... just WOW!
  21. 1.2 build 1654 here and same issue with ATV's PI-SP-3 panels. Take your time and other than this very minor issue your 1.2 updated mods seems to work flawlessly. Thanks for nice updates, i'm enjoying all of them atm!
  22. Anyone else with 1.2.1564 build with same problem? Only Scatterer 0.0255 replaced with this fixed .dll and i'm getting constant crashes to desktop when trying to load existing game from main menu. Also getting this when game loading:
  23. You can change FOV in KSP with: Mod Key (Left Alt in Windows) + Mouse Scroll Wheel
  24. Wow only 4 days passed since 1.1.1 and already so many fixes is ready for 1.1.2. Thanks for patch/update and happy holiday/vacation to whole Squad! *More mojito's and less pizza during vacation Squad!
  25. You may want to check GameData/Squad folder for stock Parts/Flags... seems pretty weird even though you're in subassemby mode in editor... And it's pretty common issue in Steam is messing up with game updates so i would recommend also to verify game files from steam after any game update... i did this after 1.1.1 and 6 files were missing and got em after verifying files
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