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  1. Incredible. Simply incredible. Any plans to allow us to hook these things to Mk2 fuselages? I can see a Mk1 centre with razorback parts (especially intakes) on each side looking pretty dang sweet!
  2. Not to overdo the scope creep, but a few mechanics that could make mobile 'beacons' interesting: 1) They can have a mass limit (So bigger craft could require more extensive/heavier facilities for recovery) 2) They cannot recover themselves. Those two restrictions alone would grant a whole bunch of interesting implications. How much modeling is done in support of it, of course, is another question... but it would certainly seem like fun. Good luck!
  3. This is pretty fantastic, and I'm loving having a mobile launch platform to toodle around the oceans with A couple tiny thoughts: 1) Is there a reason the engines have to be separate from the base hull? Actually attaching them is a bit of a challenge. Unless you intend that the part will be reused a lot, is there anything stopping it from being integral to the hull? 2) Does anyone have/know of some kind of connector to use to grab the ship and not have it hit the ground when using HyperEdit etc for deployment? The timing can be awful tight.
  4. A flat runway, even if it's short and irregular on the edges, is a must-have. Else the grass is a better proposition. I would be pretty okay with it being wobbly (ie, the edges are not straight) though - but I'd still really prefer a setup where all the runways are properly straight and level (sans bumps); what you're paying for is /capability/, after all, and having the L2 and L3 runways significantly wider and longer would be perfectly sufficient. Especially if the L3 runway had a proper suite of landing lights.
  5. Thought #1: This is awesome. Thanks very much! Thought #2: Local translations of the 'famous figures' names in KSP sounds very much like it's a crowdsourcing task so you can grab the local flavor and jokes, even if you have to trust that nothing naughty gets slipped in. Thought #3: This whole dev article concept is brilliant. Especially if folks decide that more fundamental parts of KSP need editing too, like, oh, say... the technical implementation of wheels again.
  6. Oh my goodness, I'd been thinking of doing this exact mod! My thought for the skill tree was a little less... powerful... though. The idea being that they're less capable than any one Kerbal, thus ensuring you still care about sending a three-man pod to the moon (for that Pilot to land it, the Scientist to research it, and the Engineer to fix it, right?)... but can still be a slightly more versatile 'handyman' for rover work and, crucially, a cheaper source of personnel for life-support dependent bases: Simply rig up contracts that award them, tourist-style, and are satisfied by getting t
  7. Hmm. I was planning to use 1.2 to set up a shiny new martian colony. Does the new (to me) habitation rules mess that up big time? Or are there ways to still create semi-permanent staffings?
  8. Would you believe I had precisely this problem just last week? I was trying to get a little flying cargoplane to Eve; ended up having to use a decoupler. This, so very much!
  9. Okay. I'm pondering making a ModuleManager patch to convert the Food supplies from Litres to KerbalDays, the green marshmellow equivalent of man-hours. I'd need to divide the volumes of all resources by 16.2, multiply weight and cost by 16.2, and... the volume too, I guess?
  10. Loving that 1.25m cupola! Would there be any chance of it coming as a pure-blue version in future? As an aside (because the thread is huge), what had you settle on 16.2 Supplies per kerbal per day? I've been half tempted to refactor the supplies ratio (while keeping the ultimate capacities, weights, and costs in line with base balancing) so it's 1 supply per day per kerbal just to let the 'mental math' be easier - a radially mounted Supplies box is then ~6 kerbal-days worth, and you know this just by looking at it...
  11. He last visited over a year ago, so I wouldn't hold much breath in having him reappear any time soon. I think 1.1 broke a lot of these old legacy mods good and proper, and without modelling support I'm not at all sure we'll see them live again, unless there's a dedicated project to attempt such ventures...
  12. Given the somewhat tenuous status of this pack, does model changes mean 'doomed forever', or 'please stand by, we're just figuring this out'?
  13. Would tank indicators be generic, or fuel-specfic? Generic would be handy in unusual places - tracking food supplies, or ore content, as opposed to simply LFO.
  14. Anyone know if the lovely little landing legs on this mod will need rework for 1.1? I've only just now discovered an urgent and pressing need for the things in my latest adventures in rover construction.
  15. If you're looking for ideas on designs, I'd love to have a little pokey-up light as you see on the 100 charge radial battery as a standalone part. So you can slap your own indicator lights everywhere and have them thematically match. Also one that strobes - so you have a blinky button giving you a colour.
  16. Oh man, an actual release? Congratulations, man! One small detail I seem to have missed up till now - the central hub is not only the biggest house, but a science lab and a super-efficient recycler too So if I have one I don't really need any of the other pretty parts added to the central core? I presume I've gone and missed something, but I do love those RV-style opening bases. Also, did you decide against the Modular Storage End having a mount point for landing gear, or have I missed it? Regardless, this is still glorious; one of my favourite part mods ever.
  17. Lunatic suggestion: Is it possible to have these things foldable?
  18. It can be mildly horrifying how many folks stick almost exclusively to CKAN these days - ease of use coming at the price of variety, and all that. (That said, the auto-updating is truly brilliant, so I can't blame them too much.)
  19. Oh, this is glorious. It leaves me wondering just one thing: Would you have interest in an AutoPilot function too? "Straight ahead and level" and "Fly to this waypoint then (theoretically) in circles at the current speed. This would be just as useful for getting planes where you need them as it would be for launching AWAC craft for probe launches when running RemoteTech
  20. This is fantastic! Astonishing just how well it works with the other parts. Any interest in throwing it on CKAN so the whole world can enjoy the fruits of your labour?
  21. This is phenominal. A suggestion regarding injured Kerbals, though: Let them EVA, even if they can't do anything else. Some days you'll be needing to rescue Kerbals from stricken vessels, after all, and there's no other way to move them at present.
  22. 1.1 won't save everything. It will help, for sure, but memory is still memory; loading times are still loading times. And Nils' time is valuable in itself, even without spending it on fripperies. Serious question for the main man, though: How the heck do you intend to get that garage to other worlds? By definition, it's not going to fit in the space plane, after all...
  23. I like every bit but the Tier 3 stuff; especially the Pilot and Engineer parts. I mean, I get the idea, but messing with ISP and strut strength just seems... off. (If struts aren't strong enough, maybe they should just be stronger, y'know what I'm sayin'?) Engineers could, I suppose, get a refinery bonus; it's their primary use in the later game. Pilots... well, they obsolete all too easily as-is. But perhaps something to do with the remote control rules coming soon?
  24. Oh man, I should never doubt your absurd skills, man! That thing is totally and utterly glorious How does it interact/align with respect to planetary bases in flight? It looks like it aligns neatly when using feet, which is awesome in itself... though I hope the next version of the single-module-end-cap will come with the feet so you can skip the feet mount right beside it, right? Judging by its design, it looks like it's a Mk3 part that's horizontal, yes? Hmm. Going to have to get creative with dropping and docking to it, this should be fun to design around A fairing piece woul
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