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  1. did they recommend that computer to you? and do you do more than game on the computer? or is it just for gaming. Also download gpu-z and see if you have a 1060 or a 1080, because they are 400 dollars different in price, and very different in capabilities. Thanks !
  2. is there something I'm suppose to do to deadly re entry when using it for RSS and RO mod? Cause I read in a couple post like on page 1, but unsure what it means. I got it with ckan but then used Nathan kells updated config on the page 200 to fix the errors with module manager (at least I think that's what it was for). Did that possibly break RSS, am I suppose to change something for it specifically? thank you for anyone's time in replying.
  3. So I don't put in the BoulderCo folder from AnyCPU-Configs-Release? cause i'm currently getting no clouds, still trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong. I installed the base AnyCPU-EVE-Release, then AnyCPU-Configs-Release, finally RVE-KSP-1.0.4-Linux64, now clouds from a CKAN install of RSS and RO.
  4. he spammed this post on ksp steam discussion too, he IS just click baiting.
  5. Because when you go to space, you will sometimes go to another planet, and those planets might have atmospheres. Everything in the patch will be used for my own space ships that are going to other atmospheres. <br><br>The plane parts are also just so happen to be what kind of Dev's are available. Whoever specializes in spacecraft parts should go apply to SQUAD.
  6. You guys are blowing this way out of proportion. First off, it's -1 reputation hit to decline a contract. This is GREAT, cause the system was highly abused to where we all were playing it like roulette, getting 3-5 contracts in a row that we could knock out with 1 launch. Seriously, raise your hand if you did not have an excess of money and reputation in career. Now realize this tiny nerf to the contract system came with the biggest buff career mode has seen yet, you get paid bonus rep/science/money for world firsts; and they got a world first for EVERYTHING, on practically EVERY PLANET. You now have a strategy where you can reduce contracts worth, to get even higher bonuses for those world firsts. So far this new change has allowed me to spend less time trying to hunt contracts I want; to just selecting a few then doing WHAT I WANT; and still getting paid the same amount with the world first bonuses. and if you want to cancel contracts go ahead; i have 250 on my new career and it took me just a couple hours to obtain. I could cancel 250 contracts now if I wanted too; and only be 0 out. The higher your reputation gets you gain a nerf to your gains, there was no real reason to have 900 points. Reputation isn't that important right now. So instead of theory crafting how terrible this decision was, actually play the game and realize it hardly affects you. Go ahead and decline away! most gains for reputation are way more for completing a contract that you won't have a problem having high reputation. And finally if it still matters, remember that strategy place that was never used? Well you can now buy reputation or trade science for it if your really worried. Thanks KSP for the design decision. I now only take contracts I really want, cancel the insane, and spend more time focusing on what I want to do. And I still have excess money, reputation, and science coming in! They allow you to get higher rated contracts too; but you really only need like 500; I don't think I've seen any benefit from above that amount. But someone else will have to chime in for some hard data.
  7. Right now a lot of unity 4 based games like KSP, are converting over to Unity 5; and the ones that have done this already you can get a good idea of the performance enhancements. I just want to say I'm very hyped for the change. In some games (don't want to advertise) they have seen increases up to 400%!!! and are most likely just hype training it up. But does anyone have some more concrete evidence or want to talk about their experience with playing games that have updated to unity 5? that way we can have a better idea of how it'll affect KSP.