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  1. Just stopped by to say this. This is my new favorite mod. Thank you so much. I can't wait to build a monstrosity
  2. I have just seen the Episode 5 for the first time and I have to say it was epic. I came to learn about the Kolonization mod and left with more questions than answers but what a trip that was!
  3. Amazing mod!! I installed it a few minutes ago and I am going berserk already. I can finally replicate the Aggregate-family with ACTUAL good aesthetics.
  4. Amazing mod. Thanks to everyone that was involved in it. I gotta ask a question, though: I am using it in conjunction with NFT and I am trying to make an argon hall effect thruster from the base point of 62.5cm to the 2.5m diam., thus I need to calculate the EC usage ratio. What is the direct multiplication for, say, 0.625 to 2.500? Is it directly 4 times the fuel usage and thrust etc. characteristics or does it use a different way? Also: do utilities with specific modules like solar panels, vanilla reactors, RCS thruster units, or most importantly: reaction wheels get their numbers adjusted to the size? I apologize if this was asked a million times, I couldn't find it
  5. This mod is such a mindscrew. What kind of measurement are civilians calculated in? Metric liters? So given that the average human has about 70 liters of volume, a kerbal standing in roughly half the size would be around 35-40 liters. So it's safe to say around 40 liters of depleted kerbonium is 1 civilian. That's all nice and dandy until you remember... ...2.4/4 civilians. I hope you didn't need to chop up any kerbonauts to get that .4 Gotta test out this version, hope me luck with the crashes!
  6. Oh great! Currently I am working on a funky looking refueling station. I didn't know whenever if I should have gone 2001 Discovery One look or Star Wars so I kinda meshed both up. Since I'm new on the forums, I don't know where to post my average builds, should I make a thread on a subforum or make a blog entry or something?
  7. I was gonna make a portal cake but that joke is too over saturated right now. Anything looking bad on the weld? I managed to get a different station welded, I am manually editing the 400~ nodes so KSP doesn't get angry with me. I am gonna try to erase all and see if srAttach works with 0 nodes. This seems like the worst idea I had today.
  8. I included a little surprise
  9. I have the same problem. Felbourn, can you help? >Gamedata >CIT_Util >CIT_Util.version >CITUtil.dll >Licence.txt >CIT>Nodehelper>(contents) CIT_Util seems to be working in the debug menu with but I don't see nodehelper
  10. I still cannot get it working since the last thread. Any help? >Gamedata >CIT_Util >CIT_Util.version >CITUtil.dll >Licence.txt >CIT>Nodehelper>(contents) CIT_Util seems to be working in the debug menu with but I don't see nodynode
  11. Welcome back!!-(11-07-15-minor-fixes) It was included in the patches dir. Not sure if necessary but yeah.
  12. Sorry, must have meant "CryoEnginesFuelTankSwitcher". I included it since I believe it's an extension of the InterstellarFS. I heard it is still somewhat WIP from what Nertea said. I could be wrong. I thought since it also uses the same system--even thought I didn't have the actual engines on the weld-- it might be useful to mention. I gotta get used to reading logs more Thank you, btw. I really appreciate it.
  13. Stock(Squad), NearFuturePropulsion, NearFutureSpacecraft, ComResPack, and Cryogenic fuel switch (but I am unsure) Problems in the log or any gui messages?
  14. I will give the dump if I can, one moment. [LOG 17:05:37.429] PartLoader: Part 'StationPartsExpansion/Parts/Structural/crewtube-25-375/crewtube-375-25-1/crewtube-25-375-1' has no database record. Creating. [LOG 17:05:37.445] DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'crewtube-25-375-1' [LOG 17:05:37.542] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'UbioWeldingLtd/Parts/Structural/Rho-arm1/Rho-arm1/Rho-arm1' [WRN 17:05:37.623] PartLoader Warning: Variable LF not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.624] PartLoader Warning: Variable OX not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.625] PartLoader Warning: Variable totalCap not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.626] PartLoader Warning: Variable LH2FudgeFactor not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.628] PartLoader Warning: Variable mixOXProportion not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.629] PartLoader Warning: Variable massPerUnitLH2 not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.630] PartLoader Warning: Variable onlyLH2 not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.631] PartLoader Warning: Variable mixOX not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.632] PartLoader Warning: Variable mixLH2 not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.633] PartLoader Warning: Variable tempVar not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.634] PartLoader Warning: Variable dryCost not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.635] PartLoader Warning: Variable LFCost not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.636] PartLoader Warning: Variable OXCost not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.637] PartLoader Warning: Variable LH2Cost not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.638] PartLoader Warning: Variable mixLH2Cost not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.640] PartLoader Warning: Variable mixLFCost not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.640] PartLoader Warning: Variable massOffset not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.641] PartLoader Warning: Variable mixLH2mass not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.642] PartLoader Warning: Variable onlyLH2mass not found in Part [WRN 17:05:37.656] InsterstellarFuelSwitch: error parsing selectedTankResource amount 0/0: '7200,8800': '7200' [LOG 17:05:37.657] InsterstellarFuelSwitch parseDoubles: invalid float: tankCost [len:0] ''] [WRN 17:05:37.758] InsterstellarFuelSwitch: error parsing selectedTankResource amount 0/0: '7200,8800': '7200' [LOG 17:05:37.759] InsterstellarFuelSwitch parseDoubles: invalid float: tankCost [len:0] ''] [LOG 17:05:37.771] PartLoader: Part 'UbioWeldingLtd/Parts/Structural/Rho-arm1/Rho-arm1/Rho-arm1' has no database record. Creating. [WRN 17:05:37.887] InsterstellarFuelSwitch: error parsing selectedTankResource amount 0/0: '7200,8800': '7200' [LOG 17:05:37.888] InsterstellarFuelSwitch parseDoubles: invalid float: tankCost [len:0] ''] [LOG 17:05:37.892] DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'Rho-arm1' [LOG 17:05:37.946] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'UbioWeldingLtd/Parts/Structural/Rho-main1/Rho-main1/Rho-main1' [ERR 17:05:38.009] [shipTemplate]: No Resource definition found for RESOURCE I tried to change the resource amount. Maybe is that the culprit? EDIT: oh, also: Should I keep away from manned modules of any kind? I can transfer crew but obviously no detection of IVA occurs. Could there be a fix to add IVA modules into the part?
  15. Thanks for that. I'll look into it asap. The glitches are multiplying faster than I can handle. When I weld fuel tanks a weird thing occurs. When I have more than one main type of fuel, let's say mono+oxi+lqd+fuels from community resource, the welded part becomes un-right-clickable. In fact, all parts after doing that stop being right-clickable. After I restart the game it works until I regrettably have to do it again. I use the interstellar fuel switch and that might have to do with detecting the part as a fuel tank and trying to make it compatible with itself but failing after seeing more than 1 fuel type. I tried changing the part type to structural but it didn't do the trick. Any help would be appreciated beyond human comprehension If Community Resource pack isn't compatible with Ubioweld I gotta have to get a fresh start without the Near Future pack. Dang it.