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  1. First off, one of my favorite mods! So glad the project has fresh energy. Also, it looks like TechRequired was removed from the part.cfg files. Subsequently, the parts are not in the tech tree and can't be acquired. When I manually insert the TechRequired line, it reappears in the tree. Was removing that line deliberate?
  2. So how do you all control these heat issues? I have a problem where docking at my station will cause parts of it to explode (I assume from heat transfer from the docking ship to the station). I see no overheating, just a sudden explosion I've found pulling up the Alt-F12 menu and turning off conductive and convective heating will prevent detonation (radiative heating seems OK). I have considered adding radiators to my station, though if what you say about the nano bug is true, it probably wouldn't help. Curious what people do to overcome these bugs?