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  1. Working on my rover and working some bugs out before she gets thrown in the field :). May I ask what song that is in the aerial overview video? It may be my new driving song for this lol.
  2. @Sharpy, Thank you for that glorious information! Much appreciated!
  3. Out of curiosity, has anyone downloaded the 1.1.2 PartTools lately? I download from the original post and unzip it. The only things in the folder are the "PartTools_AssetBundles" file and PartTools folder containing the "Editor" and "Lib" folders. Does this mean we no longer need the "Shaders" folder or the legacy tools? Or could the link be bad?
  4. Back in 1.0.2, I made a MM patch that gave the stock SRB's a gimbal function. They didn't have animations but it got my Ares 1 replica to orbit quite nicley . Only thing is I seem to have misplaced the file during my mod folder clean up with the 1.1 update. I could probably make another fairly quick, if I can remember how to use MM .
  5. Couple questions: 1. Does it need to be manned? 2. Is there any set orbit we should be in prior to re-entry? 3. Does it need to provide thrust while in the atmosphere or can it be a glider? *Sorry if any of these were covered in the video. I'm not able to watch it at the moment.
  6. The way I see it, no matter how bad your day is in real life, there's always that little universe you can escape to. I can't think of anything more stress relieving than having an entire solar system to your disposal, and having the ability to explore every bit of it. ^ Parenting done right!
  7. Large quantities of that sweet, sweet nectar (diet coke). The way I tell that I've been playing too long is when there is a empty coke can wall lining the perimeter of my desk
  8. +2 Either this, or pressing said button would be similar to applying brakes on a rover wheel. Which would at least give them a chance to slow down enough to regain footing.
  9. -23 at the time of apollo 11. Yet it seems like only yesterday . But in all seriousness, I wasn't even close to being there. Although sometimes I'll watch recordings of the landing on youtube and I'll get all excited like I'm watching it live, only to remember its a recording and its the 10th time I've watched it lol.
  10. I want to say titanium with teflon skin, only because when they fall and slide, there seems to be no resistance what so ever between them and the ground. But then the whole stretchy/contortionist kerbal glitch, as well as them vaporizing into a cloud of smoke on extreme impact, doesn't really support the titanium theory. So with that reasoning, perhaps some sort of volatile liquid core with an elastic teflon skin
  11. I was wondering this same thing. With the new KerbNet feature, it gives you coordinates and the altitude for a certain point. Adding a inclination read out to this would be incredibly helpful for determining landing sites. EDIT: Unless you are referring to orbit inclination, then disregard the above (although I feel it would be useful as well). After posting I realized you might be referring to orbit inclination rather than surface inclination .
  12. Interesting idea. But like @Van Disaster noted, deep down, jet engines and rocket engines are essentially the same thing, apart from a few minor behavior and aesthetic details. So if jet engines are to be broken into individual parts, wouldn't rockets need these respective parts as well? For example, to construct a jet, you need an intake, compressor/turbine, and a nozzle. To construct a rocket you need a turbopump, combustion chamber, and a nozzle. I would certainly play around with this set up if it was available. However, I feel this would be better suited as a mod rather than stock, given the added complexity and the amount of parts that would have to be added.
  13. Originally I was just excited for KerbNet and CommNet. Now I'm extremley excited after seeing those new engines/tanks, and the new auto-truss interstage parts!
  14. Sounds like things are coming together nicely! Can't wait for the new telemetry system . Now, I see work being done to landing legs and wheels about those mystery forces, which is nice to see. But out of curiosity, is the unity update being included in 1.2? Can't wait for the "wheel blocked: yes" bug to be fixed.
  15. I only really play sandbox. Every now and then I'll start a career but never get too far. I end up making different games for different topics. Like one will be a role play of some sort, the other will be test flights and then one will be an all out BDARMORY war. But then I get annoyed with all saves I have so I'll do a clean sweep and start over fresh. Don't know why I do it