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  1. Would like to see a double sonic boom implemented for Space Shuttle landings.
  2. I went back to 1.2.2 until i get a stronger PC and FAR comes out. Harder to design a Shuttle in it for me, but when i get it right, it's a majesty.
  3. This is where i start getting confused. I re-enter at a 30' AoA, with my direction of travel is 10' below the horizon line. When i re-enter, the force required to keep it in a 30' AoA climbs as re-entry continues, and i either tumble and fly backwards into the ground, or flat-spin into it trying to fight the forces and keep it straight, even with RCS helping. Then when i adopted and straight in re-entry, components start to over-heat on re-entry and i explode about 28-23,000M in altitude. Also take note this was my very first space shuttle design, my shuttle has many mods on it and
  4. Crap, i accidentally put a strut in there from KW Rocketry. Should i remove it and re-upload? https://kerbalx.com/Alpha_Gametauri/Kerblantis/parts
  5. I finished rebuilding the Shuttle, what now? How do i share it?
  6. K, i'll just have Mechjeb on it. FYI, i have to rebuild the Shuttle since i got angry and deleted it, but i remember exactly how it was built.
  7. Alright, give me a bit. Ksp version 1.3, Mechjeb and Near Future electrical and Hullcam VDS mods are on the shuttle, should i remove them and make it completely stock?
  8. I would, but my laptop is broken when it comes to the F keys on KSP. Gotta wait for my new PC.
  9. @GRYPHUS-01 Looks pretty dang close to my design, though i don't know how you get the AoA in re-entry without summersaulting and either fly backwards or flatspin into the ground.
  10. @selfish_meme I'm going to guess that Shuttle mod is Cormorant Aeronology. But what is the decal on the wings and the launch pad stuff? @GRYPHUS-01 Pics?
  11. Wish there were letter with this so i could name my fleet of Space Shuttles.
  12. Thankfully, i have my OMS engines positioned in a way where i don't really need to add any special stuff. Just wish i didn't have to flip around to slow for a Space Station docking or a Satellite/Space Telescope servicing.
  13. I think it was for better orientation for the gravity turn and it was more even, idk.
  14. Nah, it's alright, i quite like them, especially the breadbox, XD. I'll adopt the really tiny shuttle (2nd pic) as an emergency shuttle, like space station evac. I like how you said "aaannd back on topic" I love how a small discussion went from improving gameplay to a PC Part Picker forum. Also, i never had luck with an interplanetary shuttle. I'd test it on Kerbin, works perfectly. Then i go to Duna, shatters on Re-entry, if i survive, no matter my speed or how shallow i come in, i always land hard. Plus it's hard for me to find a flat tundra on Duna... or any planet/moon.
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