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  1. Hi everyone! First, nightingale, thanks for great missions pack. It is awesome to the point that I now just ignore most other missions But I found a nasty bug that caused my game to freeze, mostly when timewarping. I enabled verbose logging in Contract Configurator and found that before freezing it tried to create waypoints for Lunokhod-1 missions (side note: why? I dont even yet have any rover missions available). [LOG 16:48:54.666] [VERBOSE] ContractConfigurator.Behaviour.WaypointGenerator: Generating a random waypoint near waypoint Lunokhod-1 Beta... I love Lunokhod missions so I didnt wanted to disable them, and instead tried to find the problem, and there it is: In all rover missions, at RANDOM_WAYPOINT_NEAR blocks, value for nearIndex = 1, while according to CC docs index should be zero based. So CC tries to create a new waypoint near to itself and ... freezes the game. So I just changed value to nearIndex = 0 for all rover missions, and now everything is fine. Hope it helps someone (I lost a lot of time trying to find the issue...).