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  1. Can't quite figure out how to approach using MM to change the thrust and propellants on the different modes.
  2. When its done. Nothing else can really be said about it.
  3. Alright, so I've done this and the new skipper shows up fine, but the new mainsail doesn't for some reason. I have no idea why this could be happening since I haven't touched the configs yet.
  4. What the title says. I really want the new models but I'm not quite willing to give up Kopernicus for it.
  5. Parent body. I set the LANS and inclination/angle of both Mun and the rings to the same values.
  6. Currently using KSP 1.6.1 and Kopernicus 1.6.1-2. Making some personal edits, changing Mun's orbit and replacing Kerbin with Gaia from GPO. I gave Mun an inclination of 12.9 and wanted to line up the ring with Mun, but the ring pivots as Gaia moves around the sun, so the two are only aligned once a year. Is there any way to get it to not do that, and have the ring and Mun aligned throughout the year? Config currently looks like this: Ring { angle = 12.9 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 110 lockRotation = true }
  7. Yeah. The parts look nice, and I'd love to have them, but I don't want to update because of the mods I have.
  8. What weapons work properly in space? From reading the thread I can see the HEKV functions, but I remember the last time I used this mod ages ago, bullet turrets flat out couldn't hit their targets.
  9. Its generally good etiquette to not pester mod authors for updates, they have lives of their own, and the 1.1 version runs Kopernicus which itself was only recently updated to 1.6 as a dependancy. There's also a link to the 1.1 version with 2 inclination axes on the previous page.
  10. So I just downloaded this and I gotta ask how you gave the stars their own icons in the tracking station.
  11. That's because the tech nodes have two names, one that's referenced in the code 'veryHeavyRocketry', and the display name '#autoLOC_501122', which leads to the dictionary for localization. As for why the bug is happening I've got no idea.
  12. This sounds really awesome. I especially like the idea of these telling stories, and if I had to suggest something, I'd love to see story events prompt exploration of an area. Kinda like science contracts, just going into an area and doing a crew/eva report to engage the next event.
  13. At all? Is it the same issue mentioned previously or a new one? Maybe try a full uninstall and reinstall if you haven't already, its a good way to clean out shenanigans.
  14. In regards to the Steam thing, you can opt into "betas" that are just previous versions of the game, going as far back as 1.0.5, which honestly sounds like Squad doing what they can for us, despite what Steam wants to do. Also, even though Steam doesn't let us just not update, you can also set the game to only update when you launch it. This will make it quite hard to not notice your game has been updated, and in KSP's case, will allow you to then decide to opt in to a previous version that works with your mods.
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