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  1. So... KSP dead?

    I'd have to get that mod that lets me start on Duna if I end up catching a ride to Mars.
  2. How do you go interplanetary?

    I've voted "other" for the first two questions because I don't discriminate, and it usually depends on the mission. For example, small rovers I'd send to Duna would come packaged with a relay satellite in a single launch and delivery. However, with my landship or large Baserunner-inspired rovers I would do at least two launches because I don't want to risk the crew launching (and sometimes landing) such an awkward payload. With the landship specifically, the crew were sent in a reusable interplanetary shuttle. I also intend to have some kind of ISRU set up somewhere on or around whatever planets I plan on putting things, even if its somewhere like Dres that'll probably be entirely populated by robots.
  3. @Jatwaa did a plane at least once. Anyway the reason I'm over here. Will the bullets hit fairings?
  4. Angle snap for docking ports?

    Snapdock is one such MM config, in case you don't want to write one yourself.
  5. So.... no change at all then?
  6. There is, although It's clearly the kind of thing that would be appreciated in stock.
  7. I've never really liked the sun being so much larger than everything else in the relative scale of the game, so I'm curious why you'd want the sun bigger.
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    And here I was thinking they were rapiers this whole time.
  9. What is the highest possible orbital period in game?

    You seem to be misunderstanding. Yes, Hyperedit (and the Alt+F12 Set Orbit tool for that matter) have no hard limit for how far a craft can be placed, but the game itself does. As Snark said: Since there is a finite limit to what the game can handle, there is a finite limit to what the orbital period can be. Unless Hyperedit entirely prevents such errors, then it too has a limit. A limit of what the game can handle.
  10. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    Then there's thinking the game crashed when everything stops.
  11. KSP Mod Repository Client

    That would be CKAN. And although Curse is the official mod repository, there is the community run website Spacedock which has quite the number of mods itself.
  12. Matching Rotation

    You mean the Persistent rotation mod?
  13. Dude this is at least the second topic you've responded to that's over a year old.
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Got a probe to Minmus. Mostly forgot to take pictures. Did however manage to catch a picture of my discovery that a botched relay that found itself beyond Kerbin's SOI ended up giving me control for the last few moments of the Minmus probe's life. It's power died transmitting science and it smashed into Minmus. Its the Foreign Eagle skybox.
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    Started a new career with Engineering Tech Tree. Made it to orbit.