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  1. Minor update.
  2. Time for an update!
  3. You start on Kerbin and there are certainly ways to start on another planet. Which will require a patch.
  4. I honestly haven't tested it. Little busy with other stuff right now. But feel free to test it and share the results.
  5. Our sun peaks in green radiation, that's why plants prefer to be green ... not all earth plants prefer it though. Our human eye is strangly also more sensitive to green light. The plants on Rhan reacted on the higher reddish radiation. Red light however doesn't penetrate water very well, so you won't see much red in the oceans.
  6. Vegetation colors are mostly assumed from the fact that plants use chlorophyll, but no one really knows what other chemistries can color plants on alien planets. (Earth centric views assume plants are all like the ones we know)
  7. For questions or troubleshooting you'll find me and the others involved on this server:
  8. @Kerbalista40 I ignore requests in general. We got our own shedule of systems that will be made and we'll share progress along the way.
  9. @Seere Plenty of time to work on something for KSP1. Don't see any reason why mods should stop developing because of KSP2.
  10. Hi, you'll have to send proof (logs, screenshots). I can not start fixing something without knowing what causes it. There is a system planned.
  11. nothing habitable if i add something... we're probably going to keep it this way anyway to avoid an overpopulation of planets that might be ignored.