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  1. You might want to check the installation guide. Do not install other stock centered visual mods (AVP, SVE, ...) when you have GU's Stock Visuals installed. Remove the _Stock from GU/EVE if you did by accident or want other visuals.
  2. I'm confused how you used 1.4.2, and loaded all systems while there is only 1 system released for that version.
  3. Looking forward to head for the stars. I've been working 7-8y to get exoplanets in KSP1, and I'm super excited to finally see support from the basegame. Aside from that I'm looking forward to the mod capabilities and what new content people will create.
  4. Hi I've heard about this problem a few times the last few days. I think it is related to the maneuver planner. If you can confirm, by disabling it. I will add a bugfix section to the installationguide about it. FROM: DisableManeuverTool [KSP 1.12.0 - 1.12.5] Allow disabling the KSP 1.12 maneuver planner tool in the KSPCF in-game settings menu. It can cause stutter and freezes on scene load, when changing SOI or when editing maneuver nodes, especially with Kopernicus modified systems.
  5. Yeah there's nothing wrong with the configs of 1.3, but you must use KSP 1.12.3 for that version and the kopernicus that supports it. https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/blob/main/README.md#installation
  6. 1. Instantiator is not required for galaxy mode in 1.3. It adds jets to GU's exotic objects. The mod works perfectly fine and a link to the right download is mentioned in the installationguide. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/168992-13x-instantiator/ 2. I'll look into the parts. @JadeOfMaar (i'll ping you as well) 3. This should not be broken (just checked), it's exospheric like the moon with a pressure of 3e-13 kpa (which is almost vacuum). The game reads this as 0, tho temperature and pressure affect the crafts.
  7. https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey#after-launching-the-game-important
  8. Uploaded a 1.4.1 version. Contains: - all png planet files converted to dds. (less MB's to download) - brightened Neid and altered its orbital distance slightly. Remove the previous 1.4 version of Alpha Centauri. GU_Core remains untouched for now. @TheSpacePotato will finish AC's Parallax with this version. https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/releases/tag/1.4.1
  9. https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/blob/main/README.md Added a section about it there. Gu does alter asteroid sizes. I'll make sure to make this resizing optional in the future.
  10. Hi (don't want to post too much about GU here), but yeah send me logfiles and screens and i can look into it. The easiest would be on the discord. But here is good as well.
  11. FPS collapse happens when parts are not compatible with interstellar destinations.
  12. GU 1.4 TEST is ready. GENERAL CHANGES: * Added planetflares * Parallax support Alpha Centauri * Complete review of the A-B system. DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/releases/tag/1.4
  13. The old version of Blalo was inspired on Reach. Rhan is more based on a red version of Pandora.
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