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  1. for failures that dont overlap yes itd be compatible, but also a bit pointless last check, testflight had all the same failures available, and even full reliability still have a chance to break
  2. @pellinor this explains how to use the interop system without adding TF as dependancy you simply add the keys you wish, and regardless of number of keys used, each unique combination means new dataset so when a field changes (such as PParts tank length/diameter) a method is called, updating the keys such code belongs on tweakscale side, though i am not familiar enough with tweakscale yet if you have a single place to call an update method when any setting changes, great and i can help with the rest though given how TS can change many or only a few values per part, it would be wiser to add 1 key per value, dynamically per part
  3. is there any full documentation for writing tweakscale configs? @pellinor also could someone integrate the bits in for testflight?:) testflight gives partdata to parts, ie tankA has usage data, and tankB has other usage data but through its interop, mods (such as PParts does) can say "this is TankA sure, but 1.25 radius is tankA1 and 2.5 is tankA2" allowing configuration choices to change the data set
  4. @EnzoMeertens as said abovee, MM to add resources to pod etc is what id prefer, you can even have kerbals auto loot pod on eva, or simply pull from vessel during repair action in either case, i would assume you would put the costs (be it time or resource) within the partmodule, and thus a config could easily set 1.2 also added custom game settings class, so you can have resource cost and time cost both a setting to mark on to use one or both, as well as multipliers to scale by difficulty the lesson here is "why pick between fans and your dream? do both"
  5. @EnzoMeertens in past failing hatches to block eva was mentioned, and i pointed you to flags to block it just mentioning 1.2 added onAttemptEva gameevent you can use to cancel eva in a cleaner way opinion, not to discourage, i view KKS as more of physical / denting damage this seems like something to add to TestFlight which is more behind the cover style damage though in the case of heat + enough aero force on wings = bending wings, definately sounds fitting in any case suggest adding to TestFlight thread too
  6. @sen6Miller or just get source and compile it
  7. so because a mod is successful, and the author put in large amount of support to push it to being that successful, he should have less courtesy / rights than small mods? and if he doesnt bow down hostile fork?
  8. when it is ckan who chooses to opt you in, does it still fit the title of opt-in?
  9. sellers have a right to decline a distributor (the supermarket) to sell their product, ckan is doing nothing more or less than torrents, have fun in that rabbit hole
  10. everyone will kiss and make up in a few days and things will go back to normal
  11. was fairly basic, just a partmodule, onEva use up a resource, nothin fancy, add it to any part a kerbal could eva from not sure where i put my copy of it to update, id dout it broke too basic, might have to just remake it someday
  12. alternator needs engine, generator doesnt if alternator is on a 2nd part (ie not the part with the engine) it will not work you might be able to put a fake engine module, 0 thrust etc, basically mickeymouse it into working other than that, think you'll need code
  13. @ShotgunNinja for the whole malfunctions / part lifetime bit, i would suggest switching to testflight, would both save you some code, and has a nice API for adding any new failures you can think of - also any failures that exist in dangit, also exist in testflight
  14. Type type = AssemblyLoader.GetClassByName(typeof(PartModule), name) can convert name to the type used for makin the partmodule, then check if type in list